Zen Festival: the magic of Yoga

For many years the Far East attracts a lot of people astonishing their minds and feelings. And it's not only because of jewels and splendid arts masterpieces. In fact, the Orient countries amaze by their magnificent landscapes and uniquely special way of life. Their religion does not look like that of Europe, but the very this cultural aspect seems to draw the most of attention.

Yoga is a famous teaching of the East, which attracts millions of followers with its mystery and calmness.  It's a mistake to think that Yoga is a religion - it is not the case.  In reality, Yoga is a science.  In point of fact, it can be present in different life aspects, religion included.  Yoga practice is known for more than 5,000 years.  It generated as the aspiration for long and healthy living, and since those ancient times people keep on doing the exercises, which help them reach the inside harmony.

Yoga teaches people to live in accord with their own mind and environment; it brings health and long lifetime to its devotees.  There exist three main Yoga structures: Exercise, Breathing and Meditation.  All of them are intended to help people get sound mind in a sound body.  And the above-said taken into account, it is not a surprise that the native lands of Yoga festivals are those of the East.


Each Yoga festival proclaims love and peace standing for solitude, calmness and repose.  Yoga esteems every person and does not try to impose a single will.  And if you are composed and easy-tempered, like to come along winding paths early morning, breathe in fresh air and feel happy, Yoga is definitely for you.

If you finally decide on Yoga you should know more about Zen Festival.  In fact, a certified instructor of Shanti Yoga and meditation Aaron Hoopes founded the so-called Zen Yoga to teach how to breathe right.  This experience helps to relax; it relieves from stress and teaches how to keep the energy.  Aaron Hoopes presents to his students the Chinese and Japanese exercises consisting of several parts: Tai Chi Yoga, fitness fit, Eastern medicine, and some others.


Zen Festival takes place in many cities all around the world, because many people find Yoga really useful for health: when relaxing, the harmony inside and outside the body is reached.  Zen Festival together with Zen Yoga itself form a holistic system purposed to bring together the two parts of the individual: mind and body.  Zen Fest embraces all aspects of lifestyle, 'from Mind to Body - From Fun to Soul'.


According to Aaron Hoopes' concept Zen Yoga is based on a few simple phrases, like 'slow down', 'expand your heart', 'calm your mind', and 'love yourself '.  These points are not too difficult to remember, so you can indulge in Zen Yoga when and where you want, even in the garden close to your house.  Besides, most people prefer the very this type of Yoga, because nature and fresh air assist in spirit and mind liberation.


 Zen Festival can also give you a beautiful chance to meet people who manage to combine Yoga and everyday life in some miraculous way using this magic to concentrate attention and find the right way out in difficult situations.  It is to be mentioned that a lot of outstanding artists are Yoga followers.  For example, Madonna has been practising it for more than 20 years.

When people start studying Yoga they eventually discover themselves from within, and at times the traits are revealed the person was unaware of so far.  Yoga is really a good choice when finding oneself and comprehending the essence of life.  At length, people begin to understand their wishes and feel the needs of their soul.


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