You and your kids - family vacations

There are so many splendid variants and beautiful prospects for family vacations depending on preferences and hobbies of your family.

Family vacations is a topic to discuss by all members of family, for example, in a family  circles - so that none could be disappointed. Family peace circles can be a fun and productive way to talk with your family about schedules, conflicts, and needs. They can be an opportunity for adults and kids to create a more harmonious family, and they can provide fertile ground for practicing democracy and demonstrating respect, as well as discussing needs and wishes. They can become places kids enjoy because their voices are heard and their ideas are valued. Thus, your decision on family vacations will be mutual and commonly acceptable. Allow everybody to hear out! Make it fun!


There are so many splendid variants and beautiful prospects for family vacations depending on preferences and hobbies of your family. The optimal variant if the whole family is fond of the same thing like diving or riding, for instance.  In this case you are just to find the best spot in a world where to travel this vacation and enjoy the time together.

Or it could be that your children are too small to decide together with you. In this case your family vacations should combine entertainment for kids and adults.  Choose special and perfect family vacation program: whether for children or adults - when something always happen! Have fun in your holidays like specially for kids: confetti-show and zoo, pony-riding, pirate-party, fire and water-fun. If little guests want to get some more -  beach-volleyball, beach-party, inline-skating, - and the parents can completely relax or participate to all events with your kids.

If your children can struggle with and square up to "difficulties" upsides with adults, you can as well organize adventure family vacation or extreme family vacation. Like caving, mountain-climbing, paraplane,  and so on.

Very famous way of family vacation is bikes vacation. One of the advantages of a bikes holiday is the freedom. You can hold the route and you are not stiffly limited with time.  Bike travelling is a great opportunity to recover your health, training your body and breathing fresh air, but also it is ability to see new places avoiding tourists rush. Just imagine - only your family, working leisurely, and nature. How about everyday picnics? In warm sunny weather it is nice to be able to stop somewhere picturesque and eat whilst enjoying the scenery. Whilst in the boulangerie buying breakfast, you can also buy bread. A visit to the alimentation/supermarche is required to buy cheese, pate and fruit - not forgetting the wine! If you are lucky enough to be near a local market you can get everything there. The produce will be fresher and reflect the region's specialities.

Or might be you have relatives in other country. Many families use their vacation for visiting each other and sharing enjoyment and costs traveling together. Such a common travel  is a splendid opportunity for you and your children to communicate with the relatives in a informal and interesting way which only is possible during common vacation.

In any of variants, family vacation will leave you and your kids with views burned into the memories that none of you will forget them!

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