Wichita Flights - Easy Access to the Cultural Center of Kansas

The largest city in the state of Kansas, as well as one of the major agriculture and aviation centers in the nation, Wichita is located some 165 miles southwest of Lawrence. Settled originally by the Wichita Indians, the city has grown as a stop on the Chisholm Trail - a cattle route celebrated in cowboy ballads. Currently three of major aircraft manufacturers in the world are located here, and the city boasts a rich arts scene and downtown revival. Thanks to Wichita flights - travelers have easy access to the cultural center of Kansas!

One of the major tourist destinations in the state of Kansas, Wichita is home to a great variety of attractions, as well as an excellent base for exploration of such fascinating sites as Space Center and Cosmosphere just a day trip away. Wichita flights and short stays provide travelers with a unique opportunity to join over 340,000 members of Wichita's vibrant community, which has diverse cultural and culinary experiences. The city also boasts a booming economy and prosperous job market, diverse lodging options and affordable apartments, friendly people and great weather - everything to make your Wichita vacations as pleasant and memorable as possible.

Home to a fascinating blend of renowned museums, entertaining music theaters, performing arts and exciting nightlife, the city of Wichita offers entertainment and fun for even the most discerning travelers. For family travelers Wichita flights are a wonderful opportunity be treated to the premier attractions of Kansas, like the award-winning Sedgwick County Zoo, featuring animals in their natural environment; the Wichita Gardens, providing a haven of beauty; the New Great Plains Nature Center, offering indoor exhibits and nature trails native to the area; and many others.

Over 135 playgrounds and municipal parks cover some 3,000 acres of the county and the city and features beautiful recreation areas, amusement parks, and private golf courses. Visitors are also offered nearly 100 miles of bike trails, much along landscaped picnic areas.

For art lovers Wichita flights are primarily associated with the numerous diverse museums and art galleries of the city that focus on preserving Wichita's past. Among those enjoying the greatest popularity are the Museum of Ancient Treasures, whose extensive collection ranges from relics of early civilizations of Roman and Egyptian to Middle Ages, and a large exhibition of American history, covering the period of the Civil War, the period of World Wars and the US President; Old Cowtown Museum, providing deep insight in rich past of the city and Sedgwick County in each of its 35 exhibit areas that portray life during 1865-1880; Mid-America All Indian Center Museum, dedicated to preserving the Native American heritage, traditions and culture; Frank Lloyd Wright Allen Lambe House Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for Henry Allen - renowned statesman and journalist; and Kansas African-American Museum offering displays and exhibits that feature artifacts from the earliest settlers of Wichita and citizens who contributed to the fields of education, medicine, government, entertainment and sports.

Sports enthusiasts consider Wichita Flights to be a great chance to experience all of the recreation venues the city has to offer, and join sports fans supporting their teams. The 11,500-seat Kansas Coliseum plays host to a wide range of sports events, such as Stealth football, Wichita Thunder hockey, and numerous concerts and rodeos.

Race fans from Kansas and surrounding states are welcome to the Wichita Greyhound Park, offering pari-mutuel wagering.

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