What Would You Say about Map of Texas? It is not just a spot!

Be sure, The Lone Star State will welcome you wherenever you will come.

Texas is known as The Lone Star State. Texas State has a large territory and a map of Texas will be very useful for any visitor of this State. A map of Texas will be essential for travelers who are going to explore the Lone Star State by car.

If you look at the map of Texas you will see that it is located in the south of the USA. Texas' neighbors are New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana. It borders with Mexico in the south.

Thanks to the climate Texas State has a wildlife that is worth to be proud of. It is a state for fishing, hunting, bird watching, hiking, rafting, and boating.

Native freshwater game fish include black bass (largemouth, smallmouth, Guadalupe, spotted bass), crappie, bluegill (bream), various other sunfish, white or sand bass, and catfish including channel, blue and flathead (yellow). In recent years success has been achieved with non-native species stocked in Texas lakes and rivers. They include Florida bass, walleye, rainbow trout, and original saltwater species such as redfish and striped bass. Several Texas lakes are now producing striped bass weighing over 30 pounds! Along the Gulf Coast some 250 different species await lure or bait. Among the most popular are redfish, speckled trout, king and Spanish mackerel, wahoo, bonito, bonito, tuna, sailfish, marlin, pompano, flounder, grouper, jewfish, red snapper, sheepshead, and drum.

The feature Texas game animal is the white-tailed deer, found almost statewide, but most densely on the Hill Country of Central Texas where they live in great numbers than anywhere else in the nation. Mule deer and pronghorns are found in West Texas and the Panhandle. Other wild animals include javelinas, wild boars, feral hogs and squirrels.

On the map of Texas there are a lot of green areas; they are forests and parks. Texas State is proud of its State Forests, National Forests, National Parks, and National State Parks.

With three-fourths of all American birds represented in Texas, there are birds for the watching anytime, anywhere in the state. No other state offers the birding variety (or challenge) that Texas does.

In East Texas' humid marshlands, carnivorous pitcher plants trap unwary insects. Far across the state, rare, red Mexican silenes seek the seclusion of cool canyons. On sun-swept Padre Island, ropy beach morning glories ramble across lonely dunes.

The capital of Texas State is Austin. In 1839 five mounted scouts ranged over a broad area of wilderness seeking a site for a new capital city for the Republic of Texas. Location on north bank of Colorado River was chosen, where rich blacklands meet scenic hills. Site occupied at the time by a four-family settlement called Waterloo. Name honors Stephen F. Austin, the "Father of Texas". About first of September in 1839 archives and furniture of Texas government were transported from Houston to Austin by 50 ox-drawn wagons.

Austin bills itself as the "Live Music Capital of the World". Austin has it all - blues, country/Western, reggae, jazz, conjunto, Tejano, swing, and rock, High tech and up beat, that's Silicon Hills. Austin is home to many computer chip makers and other computer industries.

There is a number of cities in Texas that are well known such as Dallas, Houston, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Fort Stockton, and others.

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