What are the luxury vacations for you?

What are the attributes of luxury vacations?

What are the attributes of luxury vacations? They are different for different people. For some people luxury vacations is living in the luxury top-class hotels, having very expensive and gourmet meals, spending vacation time playing games for rich and enjoying the feeling that they can afford themselves to spend huge sum of money just for vacation! Other people do think that luxury vacation is a special vacation differing from the vacation they used to have. Like renting a lone villa or becoming for a week an owner of a small island somewhere far away in ocean.


Todays vacation industry might offer a great number of proposals on luxury vacations, as luxury villa vacation, luxury homes vacation, the world cruise vacations, romantic luxury villas, golfing villa vacations, and exotic and luxury villa vacations. The most popular is luxury vacations when you pay for your own villa and stay there completely alone (or with your partner).

In travel agency you select and book the most suitable villa. They make all the necessary arrangements prior to clients' arrival which may include: having guests met at the airport and transported to their villas; stocking villas with groceries (and special dietary requirements); having villa staff prepare meals for guests' arrival; arranging hired cars to be delivered either to the airport or guests' villa; all special requests prior to guests arrival; concierge service; luxurious yachts, Captain and crew; Big Game sport fishing yachts.

All villa rentals include staff (the number varies depending on the size of villa) from one staff member for one bedroom villas or condominiums, up to 10 staff members for an eight bedroom villa. Villas are fully equipped with all the conveniences of home. Additional amenities such as TVs, Cable TV, VCR, CD players, baby equipment etc. are not standard but many villas do include them. These items may also be hired once advance notice is given.

Many of the visitors are repeat guests and it is aim to make their holiday as stress-free and relaxing as possible. Luxury Villa companies are known around the world by discriminating traveler's for custom designed vacations of extraordinary value, and our personalized, dedicated service.  Professional services suit the world's most demanding travelers and guarantees value. They can get you the best accommodations, privileged access and extra amenities.

With help of professionals you enjoy the benefits of our exclusive agreements with the world's most exclusive luxury villas, vacation homes, large and small, plus  luxury hotels and tour companies. You will get unsurpassed value in the world of upscale travel, including outstanding amenities such as complimentary upgrades, privileged access opportunities and private events at many top international and domestic destinations.


Isn't it splendid to see sunrise and sunset seating at the ocean shore and sharing your feelings only with your partner? Some people thing that luxury vacation is when you pay for being really alone (means just two of you) somewhere in the most exotic place in the world. May be they are also right?

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