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Today, it is already hard to find out from where so famous and delicious doughnut has come, as there is such a variety of these cookie types and doughnut shops spreading all over Europe. Typically, a doughnut shop is a fast food restaurant serving, coffee, doughnuts, soup and sandwiches. The largest doughnut chain in Canada and Northern United States is Canadian company Tim Hortons with the headquarters in Oakville, Ontario.

Tim Hortons is the leading doughnut chain in Canada and Northern United States with plentiful shops in these countries. Today, there are about two thousand five hundred and seven outlets in Canada and two hundred and seventy in the United States, where Tim Hortons doughnuts are favorites of millions of people from five up to seventy five. Canadians even consider Tim Hortons chain an integral part of their culture, as McDonald is a part of the USA cultural traditions.

A Tim Hortons doughnut shop in Ottawa, Ontario has one of the most successful marketing operations in Canada. The Ottawa doughnut shop has established itself in the top class of fast-food restaurants in Canada and in the heart of Canadian culture. What doughnuts are available? There are plenty of them. It is a great fun both, for children and adults, to try doughnut varieties with vanilla glaze or vanilla frosting, cakes, covered with lemon and tea powder, doughnuts with various chocolate types on the top, cookies with marshmallow glaze and surprise filling, and many more. Drinking good, mild or strong coffee is to continue your fun at the doughnut shop.  Tim Hortons' advertising slogans have included "You've Always Got Time for Tim Hortons" and, more recently, "Always Fresh".

It is not necessary already to go to Canada to visit Tim Hortons doughnut shop, as there are many Tim Hortons shops in the USA; in addition, there are national shops, which are not so internationally spread but extremely popular in the USA. One of the most popular national doughnut shops is Stans doughnut shop of Westwood, California. The doughnut shop offers more than seventy five doughnut varieties, from which every customer is supposed to select at least one, satisfying his tastes. Stans' doughnuts are nationally-acclaimed cookies, recognized for creating the world's best doughnuts.

The story of the nationally recognized doughnut shop began in a very modest manner, when in 1965, Stan Berman, a third generation baker, opened his first bakery, the Corner Shoppe, in the center of Westwood Village. With his experiments in bakery, new varieties and a high quality standard, Stans doughnut shop became not only popular, but tremendously famous among the locals and the students of nearby UCLA, who treated themselves with delicious doughnuts for breakfast, lunch, and late dinner as well.

Today, Stans doughnut shop is one of the oldest shops in Los Angeles and the success of it certainly depends on a high quality, always fresh ingredients, amiability and respect towards the customers, and, surely, the owner's pride and love to what he creates in his bakery.

Certainly, there are a lot more national doughnut favorites in the USA and Canada. If you are there, you can find the nearby location of a doughnut shop and enjoy these dainties; in the case you like sugar. Probably, a true idea about all the bakers, famous internationally or locally, is that they love their business, keep a close eye on it and value their family recipe, which is the reason why the cookies are always fresh, delicious, and of high quality. The bakers like when their customers smile and say compliments and let us hope that it is almost impossible to come across a bad baker today.          


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