Washington social club and benefits of social venues

If you have yet to hear The Washington Social Club's music, it is extremely catchy. It gets in your head and it stays there for weeks, and the only way to cure it is to find out what club their playing at, go to their show and see them rock out again. It's a good way to meet new people as you enjoy music and get social.
The Washington Social Club has an appeal of shameless straight-ahead approach to rock'n'roll. No one can ignore Catching Looks, their debut produced by Brian McTear. It's extremely catchy and instantly irresistible. Within seconds, these rebellious townies of rock lasso you into an indie-punk world brimming with zealous energy and solid hooks. From their first gig (facilitated by Mancini's dentist), Washington Social Club's incendiary live shows became hallmark. Combining riotous abandon with manic punk energy, delicious grooves, addictive pop melodies and original arrangements, the band won fans and acclaim before recording their first demo. The band won a distinction through the strength of their energetic performances and the quality of their EP, sold only at their shows.
Washington Social Club began touring nationally and playing with, among others, Electric Six, Hot Hot Heat and Stars. The band's Catching Looks debut LP quickly caught the attention of Dylan Magierek- of San Francisco's Badman Recordings- who immediately signed them. Washington Social Club's explosive, fun, accessible dance-rock songs undermine all that is drab, pretentious and dull; they dish out concise homages to the art of rock'n'roll and all that is associated with it, pulling even the stiffest audience members to their feet without ever having to beg. The band has brilliant live performances all swagger and energy, brimming with raw enthusiasm and great talent. Accentuating their little pop ditties and perhaps inspired by them, the three main members Martin, Olivia, and Randy consistently flashed these mega kilowatt smiles and radiated such sheer joy to be playing that even if you listening from a sound proof room you wouldn't be able to stop your head from nodding or feet from dancing. All the qualities that make the band so special, and that make their live show so enjoyable, have made the transition to their Catching Looks disc. Before Catching Looks was out, Washington Social Club were a great secret that not too many people were in on, this album has for sure made them a lot better-known. Washington Social Club is a band with charisma and presence to spare and the talent to match it perfectly.
Bands like this keep the clubs they play at packed by drawing a diverse crowd. Clubs are a good source of entertainment and provide the best opportunity to get social and make new friends. The Chicago Sport and Social Club offers Chicagoland's best adult sports leagues including football, volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball, floor hockey and more. If you want a throw back to your college years this would be the place to head to meet new people. Sports and have always been well organized here with nice people when you first move here, because they allow people to sign up as a team or individuals. If you like to play sports, stay active, dance to the music of the best bands, all it takes is for you to sign-up to a club and play in the nation's largest sports leagues and enjoy other benefits a certain club has to offer. 
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