Visit a Health Club - Make Friends, Get in Shape and Get Moving!

A health Club isn't just a place to get in shape. It provides a social atmosphere as well. At a health and racquet club you can make friends and meet people. If you don't want playing tennis or golf yourself, you can try to help your friends or colleagues to organize competition. But before starting competition it's advisable to make some preparations. Among many types of fitness centers in which you can improve your body, there is another choice which is a health club in which you can not only improve your body but make recovery and enhancement of your health.

Among the most attractive features of health club is a possibility to consult with the doctor before starting your training. A doctor together with you and your trainer or supervisor will help you to select your personal training program taking into account your health state, your age, your life style, all strong and weak parts of your body, your wishes and the purposes with which you came to the health club.

 There is no one person on the globe who is not interested in his or her health or body state.  There is a well-known aphorism stating that the beauty will save the world. But in order to fulfill that we have to make some efforts which will assist our beauty to save the world. All efforts from your part are to come to the health club or to health and racquet club that's all. All further actions will depend on your wish, your will and the personnel with whom you will communicate in the health club, who either make your wish and your first steps stronger or will destroy it forever.

Below you'll find a short list of trainings which are offered in health club.

Power classes are just one more type of training which is offered for your consideration. Don't be afraid - "power class" does not mean that you will lift extremely heavy dumb-bells. Your loading during the trainings will be of middle or a little bit more than middle intensity, and you will use dumb-bells or another weights within the range of 2 - 6 kg as well as the weight of your own body.

Those training classes are very light as far as coordination of movement is concerned and they are aimed at staying power development. As a result you will get your muscles stronger and very nice shape relief.

Power classes include several types of trainings for different parts of your body: 

- Upper Body is a power class for training of the upper part of the body (hands, breast, back, and prelum abdominals). This is a training of middle intensity and is acceptable for the people with any type of physical readiness.

- ABL is a power class for legs, prelum abdominals and buttocks muscles training. Loading is of middle and higher than middle intensity.

- Body Sculpt is a power class for all body muscles training.

- Super Sculpt is a power class aimed at all groups of muscles training with increased intensity. This type of training is recommended for the most prepared.
  interval trainings will promote your cardiovascular and respiratory systems recovery and enhancement, as well as will strength your body and make it more 

- Step Interval is a training which is featured as very intensive in which power trainings is combined with step platforms exercises.

- Another type of training is TBW - a training of high intensity in which aerobics takes a lot of time during the first part of training, with a fast interchange of power and aerobics loadings during its second part. During this type of training you will be asked to use step elements, sliding, low pack aerobics, rubber belts etc. It is recommended for the most advanced and protruded.

Don't forget that investing money into a health club you make investment into your own health.

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