Video games songs conquered the world

Video game soundtracks now constitute their own category in the retail music market. Mainstream cross-pollination continues as well, from "Pac-Man Fever" to the recent phenomenon of techno and rock artists who contribute to game soundtracks. And for some games, sound and music are the point in and of themselves. There is even a small but growing movement of video game music cover bands.

Games songs.  Let us imagine that someone asked you about the most popular games songs.  What would you answer?  Most likely you will immediately recall Mortal combat!  Do you still remember that sound - MORTAL COMBAT?  And all your body starts moving following the rhythms.  How do you think would you ever buy this soundtrack without playing the game and watching the movie? Let us remember the words of this song, and we can hardly find a meaning, nevertheless no one can deny that this song reached first places in many music charts!

Let us find out whether it is possible now. What about Need for Speed Underground? People never heard anything about most groups that created music for this game, but they do buy CDs with all compositions and listen to them.  Usually record companies push new songs by means of radio stations; however in 2003 "Island Def Jam" (subdivision of "Universal Music Group") decided to cooperate with "Electronic Arts" company, the largest game manufacturer, for further promotion of new hip hop songs. They discovered that most youth spend their money for new hip hop music and video games. And they released a game called "Vendetta" where all actions are accompanied by twelve new hip hop games songs.  It was a really good idea, because most music record companies were focused on the Internet audience, and they did not succeed greatly, while video games market turnover is estimated over 9 billions dollars per year.

Recently, in the United States an organization called Gang (Game Audio Network Guild), gave a concert, where musicians played fragments from world famous video games: Halo, Tomb Raider, Mario Brothers and also classical Pong, Space Invaders and Pac-Man. Almost ten thousand people came to listen to that music! It seemed impossible several years ago, when all songs and sounds were in midi format, but now, thanks to the development of computer technology, musicians can create splendid compositions in mp3 format that we all enjoy.

Nowadays thousand of web sites provide tremendous amount of video game songs for gamers. You can even download new music into your favorite game. Enter any searching system and type "game music downloads" or "game music mp3", and you will get more then 6 millions of references to different sites all over the world. Some people write music for video games themselves and consider it to be an integral part of cultural heritage of the humanity.

In 2000, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) decided to let interactive games compete in the annual Grammy awards. Individual proponents within the game music industry are lobbying for a video-game-specific category in the future. So far, however, not much progress has been made. As it stands now, individual composers or record labels can submit video game soundtrack music independently in one of three general categories: Best Soundtrack Album; Best Song or Best Instrumental Composition for a Motion Picture, Television, or Other Visual Media.  However, many people still hope that their favorite video games songs would be reappraised and take part in historical records.

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