US: extended warranties to prolong beneficial usage of chrysler service center

If you buy a new Chrysler vehicle from an authorized dealer in the USA, you are sure that the vehicle is perfect. But your manufacturer's (factory) warranty comes to an end in three years, and what happens next? You are supposed to pay for each repairing in an authorized Chrysler service center, when the average cost of a repair bill is $350-$450. Here is the option of Chrysler extended warranty, but whether it is worth buying?
As the brand suggests, DaimlerChrysler does not only produces high quality automobiles, but also provides the customers with detail-attentive service package usually covering three year/36,000 mile manufacturer's warranty. DaimlerChrysler Corporation also spends millions of dollars on training the specialists and producing and purchasing quality parts and tools available in any authorized Chrysler service center. Hence, authorized Chrysler service center becomes quite an expensive option, when your manufacturer's warranty comes to the end.
Chrysler extended warranty is a method to prolong your beneficial "communication" with the authorized Chrysler service center. Well, what is Chrysler extended warranty and whether it is reasonable to buy it? In fact, these extended warranty contracts are an enormous profit maker for the retail store or auto dealership. But it makes sense to buy it, at least dealers should also make profit, and here is why.
The difference between your vehicle warranty and your extended warranty is that general warranty protects you against product defects for a specific period or mileage. Extended warranty is additional protection that you purchase to protect your automobile with specific component coverage as well as it extends your protection for the specific time and mileage you select. A wide variety of automobile extended warranties is available - from 5 Years / 50,000 Miles to 7 Years / 100,000 Miles.
Often you can buy extended warranty for not only a newly bought car, but also when your factory warranty has expired that is your vehicle is in more than three years usage. Extended warranty can cover from 500 to 5000 parts to be protected. Even if you break down on the road, your extended warranty will come to rescue. You are to call your warranty dealers hot line and they take you to the closest Chrysler service center.
Therefore, it seems quite reasonable to by Chrysler extended warranty to prolong your beneficial cooperation with an authorized Chrysler service center. The benefit is also that with an extended warranty your American automobile becomes more valuable and easier to sell. Remain plan coverage of the extended warranty you bought may be transferred to the second purchaser and you may increase the price for the car as a vehicle under warranty protection.
From whom to buy? It is important to know that DaimlerChrysler Service Contracts ( is the only company recommended by DaimlerChrysler and the only vehicle service contract that is honored at every Chrysler dealership whether it is a parts store or Chrysler service center in the United States, Canada and Mexico. is also a reliable dealership that, additionally to general extended warranty coverage, offers Auto Valet Concierge Service, providing an on-line trip routing, direction, and travel assistance service: a very important service for travelers. In general, you should look for extended warranties that cover 100% of parts and labor, complete mechanical repair coverage, 24-hour road assistance and nationwide service for the case you need to visit Chrysler service center in any location.
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