Typhoon Lagoon In Orlando As The Most Unique Water Park

Established in June 1989, Typhoon Lagoon is one of the three water parks at the Walt Disney World Resort, the other two being River Country and Blizzard Beach. Like any other water park, Typhoon Lagoon has its mascot, a surfing alligator called Laguna Gator. Like other water parks within the Disney World Resort, it is dedicated to its particular theme.
According to the Disney legend, a furious storm had once roared through the sea, destroying everything on its way. Left in the typhoon was a small water park, filled with magnificent waterways, twisting rides, wonderful rivers, and roaring rapids. This is how one of the Walt Disney water parks was created.
Recognized as one of the most unique water parks in the world, Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando has all the types of activities to ensure the best entertainment and recreation. Whether you want to conquer one of the largest waves in the world, or navigate nine fascinating streams and waterslides, Typhoon Lagoon promises the wildest and most exhilarating adventure you've ever experienced.
Some attractions that should by no means escape your must-do list while visiting Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando include Humunga Kowabunga, Shark Reef, Storm Slides, Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool, Gang Plank Falls, Keelhaul Falls, May Day Falls, Castaway Creek, Ketchakiddie Creek, and more. And, though Typhoon Lagoon doesn't boast the longest, tallest, or fastest water slides, all of them are beautiful, taking you through wonderfully landscaped mountain streams, which have been cut into the Mt. Mayday's volcanic slopes. The left slopes of Mt. Mayday feature three raft slides, Keelhaul Falls, Gang Plank Falls, and Mayday Falls, while numerous body slides can be found on the right slopes.
Being one of the most popular in Typhoon Lagoon, Crush N Gusher is also one of the newest attractions, introduced in March 2005. On deciding to venture the attraction, you'll be asked to choose from three routes, Pineapple Plunger, Coconut Crusher, and Banana Blaster, each of them ranging between 400 and 410 feet in length.
Those looking for an unusual adventure should take advantage of Shark Reef, quite different from everything you've ever come across. You'll pass around the reef and a rock cliff wall, and then snorkel into the chilly water with tropical fish and live sharks. In case you want to spend more time in the water, Shark Reef has a somewhat longer program, known as Surface Air Snorkeling Adventure.
Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando is a popular vacation destination for families with children, offering a range of entertainment venues for young vacationers. Located on the park's left side, Ketchakiddie Creek offers bubbling fountains, mini-slides, raft rides, and wading pools.
Open all-the-year-round, Typhoon Lagoon in Florida is a great place to visit in all seasons. Summer is the peak season, during which the park is hot and overcrowded. In winter, more than three million gallons of water are heated for major attractions. The best time to visit the water park is shortly before its opening and during night hours in the warmer months. It is advisable to avoid visiting Typhoon Lagoon in the midday hours during peak seasons, otherwise you may lose a desire to visit a non-Disney water park again.
As compared to other Disney water parks, Typhoon Lagoon in Orlando is the most unique and exclusive destination, introducing its guests to the colorful marine life of the Caribbean as they enjoy a variety of water activities.
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