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Our life is a journey and we don't know where the next day will take us. There seem to be no boundaries in today's world.Traveling is the salt of life, a way to see new people, to be exposed to new cultures and a different lifestyle; a source of new emotions and an escape from everyday routine.

Our life is a journey and we don't know where the next day will take us. There seem to be no boundaries in today's world. Now, flying or driving thousands of miles for business and for pleasure seems like taking a local bus. There is nothing unusual in working in New York, flying every weekend to Boston to see the family, going on vacation to Australia, traveling for business to Portugal, and attending the best friend's wedding in Costa Rica... And the best part about it is that we always have a choice. We are not bound to live in the same area all our life unless we want to. If we leave and at some point realize it's not working, it's nice to know that we can always go back to a place where we belong and it does not have to be our birthplace. It can be a city where someone is waiting for us, a place where we have an exciting job, or a small town that makes us feel good for no reason. 


Traveling is the salt of life, a way to see new people, to be exposed to new cultures and a different lifestyle; a source of new emotions and an escape from everyday routine. Traveling is about wisdom, better understanding of ourselves and others, and gaining valuable life experience. 


We are all different and our travel style is a reflection of our personality. Some prefer comfortable cruise ships and five star hotels, while others take cycling or yachting tours around the world. Some holidaymakers are looking for company, fun, and entertainment in a bright and noisy Las Vegas and others are dreaming of a silent retreat somewhere in a perfectly serene oceanfront location.


Travel market is constantly developing and has numerous options to cater to any taste or budget.


If you are into sports and adventure and you think your everyday life needs to be spiced up with excitement, go on one of the cycling or hiking tours. You can use the services of numerous tour operators who offer customized packages to book a cycling tour to a faraway destination or, if you on a budget, have a local tour organized by yourself. Cycling tours in Europe will become an unforgettable adventure. Get absorbed by warm lavish light-bathed towns and landscapes of French Provence. Inhale the scent of wild thyme; take pictures of lavender juxtaposed with an ocean of lovely sunflowers undulating with the tender caress of the breeze. Even if you have never painted before, take a brush and try to capture vast barren rock outcroppings of the most astonishing shades of pink and terra-cotta of Côte d'Azur. Enjoy incredible rocky valleys, blue glacial lakes, secluded mountain villages, and a latticework of scenery snaking roads of Corsica. Admire the soaring mountains, high alpine meadows, deep blue lakes reflecting the snow-covered peaks in Switzerland. You will get home suntanned, in great shape, and bursting with thrilling memories making everyone around jealous.


Those who love comfort and luxury may like to a leisure style Fiji vacation. Each Fiji island has its own distinct identity. Around every bend in Fiji's abundant rainforests you'll discover cascading waterfalls and beautiful swimming holes adorned with verdant jungle vegetation and sweet-smelling flowers. In Fiji you can truly live your fantasies- snorkel in the aquamarine waters teaming with a myriad of tropical fish of every possible color, exotic coral formations beyond your wildest imagination, or just enjoy an invigorating stroll along the serene sandy beaches in absolute privacy. Fiji is a paradise. It's a dream come true and a first-rate destination for honeymooners.


If you are looking for a combination of luxury and adventure, pick a trip to the Carnival in Venice. Travel back in time to the magic of centuries past and take part in this impressive show in the company of actors, acrobats, mimes, musicians, and dancers. Attend Venezia Romantica at the Danieli Hotel-an extravagant costume ball with stunning dinner, music, and dancing. Indulge in the libations of the Carnival and then treat your ears and heart to the Baroque Venetian Music Concert at San Vidal Church. That's just the delicious topping on the splendid multi-layered cake. You're in Italy, so every second is filled with romance and passion. The spectacular art, the luxurious architecture, the historic wonders and your presence at an unforgettable performance at Teatro La Fenice-it's all on your glorious "to do" list.


Those above are just a few samples of endless travel options and the world is yours to discover. However, you can be adventurous even staying in your area. Did you ever look at your hometown as a tourist? Are there any places you have always wanted to see and never did? Are there any activities you have always wanted to try and have been afraid of? It is not much of an investment to buy a bicycle, rollerblades, or skis and it will pay off with hours of fun in the open air. Do something new every day, take risks and life will sparkles with different colours. Dancing, painting or just meditating - it is up to you what you decide to do. Expand your horizons and your life will become brighter and richer.      

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