Three Variants Of European Vacations

What is a meaning of "European vacations' for most of us? In general, three kinds, namely - active winter vacation, "vegetative life" of beach resorts, and travelling to European towns.

What is a meaning of "European vacations' for most of us? In general, three kinds, namely - active winter vacation, "vegetative life" of beach resorts, and travelling to European towns.  Each of these travel programs has interesting features and advantages, and may be chosen depending on season also.


The demand for excursion programs in capitals of European countries is very high. Well-educated people who can afford themselves sight-seeing travel, understand that Paris or Rome are worth seeing not only by them but also by their children, and are ready to pay for living in a good hotel, comprehensive travel program, visit to nearly every historically important castle, palace, gallery, or museum.


Preferable time for such educational tours is spring. Spring in Europe is considered to be the best season. The weather is mostly mild and sunny, all the trees are with light-green leafage, and certainly, there are lots of flowers on trees and flowerbeds. Spring in Europe is an every day holiday, that additionally decorates your staying in one of European cities. Summer is assumed to be worse for tourists because in the majority of cities  it is very hot and air is stifling, and you'd be so tired of heat  that could not enjoy travel.


Summer is good for beach resorts. Most European countries which have access to seaside, many years ago organized there resort spots and hotel areas. Beach rest in Europe is well-managed and tested by crowds of people. The only thing is to decide what country to go. France, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece? All them have many additional advantages why to select this very country. In parallel, you can devote one of your vacation day to sightseeing, like visiting the eye of Greece - Athens, or seeing an actual corrida! 


The third kind of European vacations is winter vacation which can be divided into two types- active winter sport vacation and vacation related with celebration of the New Year and Christmas. There are several so-called ski countries in Europe. Of course, ski resorts have seen a smaller increase in demand than urban destinations, which is the result of the limited hotel base at resorts and the short supply of expensive hotels that meet high standards. As a result, there is a deficit of places in tour groups headed to the resorts of Austria, Switzerland, France, and Andorra. Hotels don't allocate a sufficient number of rooms to ensure accommodations for all those coming to relax. Many travelers come in their own cars and with their own skis, live in apartments, buy food in supermarkets, and cook it themselves. This is very finance-economic way of winter vacation.


As for New Year and Christmas holiday in Europe - those who lived up this experience of celebrating New Year and Christmas in Europe, tell that it is a miracle. Winter in the most countries is not very cold, there is snow and Christmas music moves the soul and puts in a more festive kind of mood.


All possibilities of European vacations are really unforgettable!

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