The World Travel and Tourism Council - Goals for the New Millennium

Established in 1990, the World Travel and Tourism Council, commonly referred to as WTTC, is the global forum for business and political leaders in travel and tourism. WTTC membership is composed of chief executive officers and chairmen from nearly 100 industry's leading companies, including transport, manufacturing, car rental, hospitality, tour operators, entertainment, and other travel-related services.

The World Travel and Tourism Council is membership organization that represents the global travel and tourism industry's leaders, working in close collaboration with governments to raise awareness of the most significant contributor to the employment and economy worldwide. Since its inception, WTTC has developed the Tourism Satellite Accounting research and published reports on more that 174 countries all over the world, attaching particular importance to the impact of travel and tourism on the economy and jobs. Undertaken by the World Travel and Tourism Council is also research on specific issues that affect the travel and tourism industry, including Corporate Social Leadership, SARS and Security.

WTTC is run by President Jean Claude Baumgarten and Chairman Sir Ian Prosser. The Council's policies are set by the Executive Committee, and implemented by its staff at London headquarters.

The activities of the World Travel and Tourism Council can be classified into three broad themes: economic research, global activities and regional activities. As travel and tourism is recognized today as one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, the Council undertakes annual macroeconomic research that determines both current and projected travel and tourism's impact on 174 national economies around the globe. According to the latest research, the industry currently contributes more than 10.4% of global GDP and generates 214.7 million jobs.

Addressed by the World Travel and Tourism Council are challenges and opportunities affecting all sectors of the travel and tourism industry. WTTC is empowered by its members to support the industry in its dialogue with governments worldwide. Regional initiatives of WTTC are set up in regions, which have proved to have good potential for travel and tourism development but need support to achieve growth. Thus, regional initiatives aim at translating the mission of WTTC into action by co-operating with local leaders and the Council's Global Members with regional presence.

In October 2003, the World Travel and Tourism Council issued a new vision for the successful development of the travel and tourism industry, making sure it works for everyone. It's Blueprint for New Tourism sets out guiding principles, and calls for increased private and public joint activities towards achieving consistent results, able to match needs of economies, local communities and regional and local authorities with those of business. In order to achieve its aim and meet the challenges, the Blueprint has established three fundamental conditions, namely: government's recognition of travel and tourism industry as top priority; business' balance of economies with people, environment and culture; and the commitment of all parties to share pursuit of long term growth and prosperity.

WTTC also provides students with a unique opportunity to spend from three to six months as an intern at the World Travel and Tourism Council.

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