Tanning franchise opportunity.

Nothing could stop expansion of the indoor tanning salons. As living standards are rising, more people tend to join this lifestyle. Having a tanning franchise, you provide the machines and the location, and customers pay you for time. The Tan Company offers individual franchises, as well as multiple tanning franchise locations.

Tanning salon franchises are mushrooming all over the world, and the growth shows no signs of stopping. What could be more simple than owning a tanning franchise? Operating a tanning franchise, you provide the machines and the location, and customers pay you for time.

Unlike any other franchiser in the tanning industry, The Tan Company has years of hands-on experience operating its own tanning salons, combined with a solid track record in franchising. This combination is one of the most valuable advantages they can offer their tanning  franchisee.

Their mission is simple - to be the most recognized name in the tanning industry.

The tanning industry has unlimited opportunities. With restricted competition in most markets, tanning is a huge opportunity  for salon owners to open multiple locations, operating tanning franchise.

The Tan Company produces gross revenues of approximately $200,000 over the national average in the first year of business. In addition, their   success formula deters competition from opening in your area, which opens the door for you to expand your business and score your success. They also offer one of the most innovative royalty and advertising programs in the history of franchising.

The Tan Company's full-time training department handles the needs of their Tanning University, known as "Tan U" which offers complete training of all aspects of tanning. They also provide a comprehensive training program for your employees.

Their year-round marketing plan is designed to increase profitability month to month. They want to ensure that they are getting the most "bang for their buck" every month, and their strategically placed marketing program guarantees this. They also understand the importance of location, which is why they have acquired the services of CB Richard Ellis, the world's largest tenant advisory company. Their Corporate office and CB Richard Ellis will help you evaluate   the area you are interested in, in order to provide the best demographics, rental rate and visibility. The TSP surveillance systems allow you to operate one salon or multiple salons from your home or office.

The Tan Company offers individual tanning franchise, as well as multiple tanning franchise locations. They also offer the Area Developer opportunity, where an investor can acquire a certain territory that he or she will develop with the assistance of the Company.
Nothing could stop the expansion of  indoor tanning salons. There are over 24,000 salons registered, claiming 28 million clients every year. As living standards are rising, more people tend to join this lifestyle.
All over the world and  in the USA in particular, south beach tanning has been gradually replaced from  the list of consumers' preferences by indoor tanning salons: modern, well equipped, offering safety and promising the same bronze tan. At the same time, federal oficials urged Americans to avoid sunbathing and to use sunscreens always. The American Academy of Dermathology started a public campaign to prevent skin cancer. Its watchwordt was as following: "There is no safe way to tan!"


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