The seafood restaurant ? today's common offers and specialties

Although today seafood restaurants are rare in comparison with common restaurants, serving meat and poultry, fast casual dining chains and pizza options, the researchers promise a seafood industry boom. The main reason for this is that people are becoming more health-conscious. Needless to say that seafood restaurants, existing nowadays, are full of seafood lovers, additionally, a seafood restaurant of today is not the place where you can only eat fish.

The reason why seafood restaurants are still a rarity is not that the seafood restaurant runs off the customers, but that the storage of fresh properly frozen fish is not that easy. Additionally, a seafood preparation is an art on its own, executed only by professionals. If a chef of a seafood restaurant is not skillful enough in the seafood preparation, the restaurant is likely to close soon, as people like to eat delicious fish. If you cook fish at home, you can well comprehend this idea, since it is always easy to over fry the fish, burn it or make it too salty so that you need to send it immediately to the trashcan. Delicious and healthy seafood is a very delicate product, requiring much care and attention in order to make it pleasant to the eye, as well as to the mouth.

As a result, the seafood restaurant is almost a hero, surviving in an abundance of pizza, hot dog and hamburger restaurants, comparatively easy to run, as they possess more customers (there are more people preferring meat) and have easy methods of food preparation and storage. However, the seafood restaurant of today is one of the major places where you can eat high quality food. It is not the seafood only to make the restaurant good.

In order to make our description connected with the reality, let us observe the seafood restaurant, offering up-to-date, high quality and professional service of this type. Ohio's premier Seafood Restaurant is situated in the Historical Oregon District off the Southeast edge of Downtown Dayton. The menu options of the Jay's seafood restaurant include Appetizers, Today's Fresh Selections, Chef's Specialties, Shellfish, Poultry & Beef, and Always Fresh Desserts. The restaurant receives fresh fish four times weekly from Boston, Massachusetts; Portland, Oregon; Florida and Lake Erie. The beef is top Angus from Chicago. The restaurant's own bakery provides the Jay's with always-fresh bread and tasty desserts. The Jay's wine list contains exclusive offers, and it is the wine selection, earning the only entry from southwest Ohio in the "Best of Award of Excellence" list in the prestigious magazine, Wine Spectator.

As for the seafood menu, it comprises almost all-you-can-eat seafood, including Swordfish, baked, char grilled or blackened; baked Scrod; Alaskan King Salmon, baked, char grilled or blackened; Yellow fin Tuna, baked char grilled or blackened; baked Monk; Alaskan Halibut, baked, char grilled or blackened; Arctic Char Salmon, baked, char grilled or blackened; Parmesan Encrusted Halibut, served with roasted redskin potatoes and roasted vegetables with a Basil sauce, and many more entries (more than fifty fish and shellfish items only).

The modern seafood restaurant industry has also steak and seafood restaurant chains, which equally develop two specialties, steak and seafood. Such restaurants are not many, and the brightest example of a real good steak and seafood restaurant is Salty's on Alki Beach, Seattle, which has more than ten awards for the achievements in the segment of seafood dining and services.


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