The Northwest Airlines ? The Fourth Airline in the World

Today Northwest confirms its status of being one of the biggest airlines and still shows a high level of service and great potential for further evolution.

Choosing the Northwest Airlines you trust your life to a company with long history and rich traditions. The beginning of the Northwest airlines starts in 1926, when Col. Lewis Brittin has established the Northern Airways - a transporting airline, carrying air mail from the Twin Cities to Chicago by two open-cockpit biplanes - now famous Courtiss Oriole and Thomas Morse Scout. A year later first passenger race took place. From 1928 the first international flight was made.

In ten years NA completes a development of the first practical aviation oxygen mask, making high altitude flying possible. In twelve years a world-famous "Red Tale" appears - a sign of a Northwest Airlines trademark. During World War II Northwest transported military cargos to Alaska. Thanks to this, soon it became the main North Pacific carrier of the United States. This event was a precondition for the wide activity in the West - Northwest is the first American airline, which connected United States and Japan.

Nowadays, Northwest is an owner of the oldest 'collection' of large planes. It operates Boeings 747-251, 351, and 451 models, Airbuses 320 and 330 and Douglas DC-9s and 10s of different modifications. An average airframe age across the fleet equal to 9.9 years - excluding the old plenty of DC-9s from 1970s and 80s. Nevertheless, these planes ain't turn into sand - the improved Aircraft Maintenance System keeps them up until now. And, of course, worn-out planes are being replaced, so you needn't worry about safety of flight. From the other side, Northwest was the first airline in the United States, which used Boeing 747-400 in 1989, and they hope to do it again with Boeing 787 in 2008.

Be sure that Northwest takes care about comfort of passengers. It was the first major airline which decided to prohibit smoke in all north-american flights. Two class tickets to every route allows you to choose between first/World Business class or coach. Complex meal, free beverages and entertainment system, including television with popular movie set and different games will add comfort to your traveling - to Britain, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia, Seattle, Chicago, Tokyo, Manila, Hong Kong, Taipei, Narita, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Singapore and much more places over the planet.

In 1997 a new era of Northwest Airlines history began with creating the alliance with another major airline KLM. According to the Open Skies agreement between Northwest Airlines and KLM, there is one system of flight scheduling, and different custom and paper checks, which is much more convenient for passengers. For its regular passengers Northwest offers "WordPerks" - their reward program. According to it, you travel with Northwest or Northwest's partners, like vehicle renting companies, and miles covered by you are being counted and turned into free first class improvements or something else.

Today Northwest confirms its status of being one of the biggest airlines and still shows a high level of service and great potential for further evolution.

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