The Island of Gibraltar - a Heaven on Earth

Gibraltar is where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic, where you can view three countries and two continents from one vantage point, and where apes roam freely and English is spoken. Gibraltar is an extraordinary Island and well worth that special detour to visit.
Heaven on Earth is where the Mediterranean meets the Atlantic; you can view three countries and two continents from one vantage point, , apes roam freely, English is spoken, currency is pounds, there is no VAT and the sun shines almost everyday of the year.

A place where Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Hindus, Muslims and other denominations live in peace, harmony and understanding. Is there such a place I hear you say? Not a million miles but only 2,000 miles from Britain and only a short 2.5 hours flight from London is the British Colony of GIBRALTAR. Gibraltar a little piece of Britain in the sun offering the leisure traveler a whole spectrum of entertainment from Dolphin Watching, Scuba Diving, all types of sports, more history than you can handle in a short stay (especially the period from 1704 when Britain took possession of the Rock), sightseeing tours of the famous Rock itself, tunnel tours, cave exploration and much, much more.

The new and up market marinas offer the sophisticated traveler the chance to dine out Al fresco and watch the yachting fraternity come and go from Gibraltar in various types and sizes of vessels. The Mediterranean's number one port for cruise liners assures that on any given day in Gibraltar one can be forgiven for thinking you are in a major cosmopolitan city. However for those of you still preferring something a little more familiar there are still, red telephone boxes, real "English" Bobbies and you can even find proper fish and chips.

Unfortunately not everyone is in Gibraltar for pleasure there are some who come to do business! A thriving Financial Centre with great infrastructure with venues and facilities for conferences, seminars, formal and informal gala dinners, Gibraltar is equipped to deal with even the most demanding corporate needs.

Indeed a real heaven on earth.

This article was published with the assistance of Marilyn Richardson, historian and customer services manager the The Caleta Hotel, Gibraltar
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