Cancun beach is a destination of different faces

The powdery, incredibly white sand of the Caribbean blesses Cancun beach calls to relax near the azure waters. There are locations in the Rosarito surrounding areas which are now considered as historical sites, such are the missions of San Miguel and the Historical Houses of Rosarito and Calafia. These beaches seem to be something eternal and each one makes a beach lover's fantasy come true.

White sand beaches, crystal indigo seas, romantic Caribbean nights, world-class hotels, restaurants and nightlife; does all  this sound too good to be true?  This is Cancun! 

Cancun Mexico is a tropical paradise in the Mexican Caribbean renowned for unspoiled powder-white Cancun beach, soothing aquamarine seas, and remnants of mystic Indian civilizations. There are a variety of activities to enjoy in or near Cancun, which include diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, deep-sea fishing, biking, golf and tennis. A visit to the legendary archaeological sites should not be missed.  

Due to  International flavor of Cancun's visitors, you will hear many different languages spoken on the beaches of Cancun, more often perhaps, than at any other beach resort in the world.  People watching is a major sport here also, enjoy it, never abuse it.

The Cancun beach is probably one of the main reasons for your visit. Cancun beach is legendary and with good cause.  The powdery, incredibly white sand of the Caribbean blesses all of the beaches in Cancun.  These beaches seem to be something eternal and each one makes a beach lover's fantasy come true.  The Caribbean Sea is unusually warm with incredibly blue water and at most times is very calm.  Look down any beach, at almost any time, and you will see people enjoying the calming effects that seem to instantly relieve the tensions of everyday life.

The beaches are one of Cancun's most famous attractions, and everyone seems to enjoy the endless activities that abound on almost every beach.  Volleyball, parasailing, snorkeling, wave-runners or just a relaxing day in a hammock, it is you're choice and all easily available all along the many miles of incredible Cancun beach. 

Topless bathing is an activity that is quietly accepted in Cancun and in many of the surrounding areas along the Mayan Rivera. Total nudity is a rare thing (as well as illegal), especially on the major beaches.  If you have an insatiable craving for real seclusion, rent a car. A short drive to the west toward Playa del Carmen offers numerous secluded beaches or coves with little chance of finding a crowd.  Most of these beaches, many of which are unnamed, are just a short drive off of the main highway.  Almost any dirt road heading toward the Caribbean will eventually bring you to a beach.  Be careful of bad road conditions during (but not limited to) the rainy season. 

Beaches are the  main draw of Rosarito. From the north end (where the smokestacks are) all the way south through town, the beaches are wide and accessible. Locals love to camp on these beaches on holidays, and Baja travelers enjoy all of the traditional sun and surf beach activities, especially in summer.

Although all of the beaches are fun, visitors will find that the beaches on the south end of the town, near the main hotels and condos, tend to provide a greater selection of tourist facilities. 

"Through these doors pass the most beautiful women in the world!". The same applies to the city of Rosarito Beach itself, which has been hosting movie stars and the rich and famous for over 70 years now. Although the Hollywood stars don't frequent this seaside town as often as they used to, there were plenty of celebrities in town during the filming of 'Titanic'. Even without regular visits of movie stars, tourists galore still flock here for the beaches, bars, and beef tacos!

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