The highest restaurant ? more visitors and much income

One of the world-known companies, opening revolving restaurants in the USA particularly and all over the world in general, is the Burger King Corporation. Recently, the corporation has announced the opening of its newest and highest restaurant in La Paz, Bolivia. This is an unimaginable eleven thousand feet building, suggested to generate huge sums in sales, as well as the unique experience for its visitors.

Revolving restaurants attract as much as fifty percent more visitors than their stationary equivalents. These are the turntables or high buildings, where people can have both, fine dining along with getting much adrenalin during the observation of the breathtaking views. It seems that you become hungrier, when you feel a slight fear and anxiety.

The leading "producer" of high-size restaurants in the world is the Burger King Corporation. The Corporation and its franchisees operate more than ten thousand restaurants in all fifty states and in fifty four countries and on the international territories all over the world.  The company was founded in 1954 in Miami, and since that time, the BURGER KING brand has become recognized for its most fashionable taste in the highest restaurant construction and design. Lately, the company has opened its newest and highest restaurant of eleven thousand feet in La Paz, Bolivia.   With the La Paz restaurant, there are now four hundred and thirty two Burger King(R) restaurants in Latin America. 

The highest restaurant in La Paz, today owned and operated by Samuel Doria-Medina, will have nearly two hundred seats and offer a drive thru and a playground.

Europe is not the only continent, proposing magnificent views from its highest restaurant buildings. Asia seems not to be behind the European countries and also gives its visitors an opportunity to enjoy amazing views from its highest restaurants.

The first highest restaurant in Thailand is the Sirocco Restaurant. The restaurant acquired the status of a popular one not long time ago and many visitors entered the restaurant in order not to eat at all, but to see the view. The place was overcrowded, and the owners stopped to advertise (particularly, the Sirocco website was taken off-line) and introduced several requirements and limitations for entering the restaurant. For instance, they have prohibited entering to those, who wear sandals or short-sleeved t-shirts. Children under five are not allowed too. Finally, you should not have backpacks or rucksacks, when entering the Sirocco Restaurant. 

The second highest restaurant in Thailand is the Vertigo Restaurant, located on the roof of the Thai Wah II Tower. The Thai Wah II is Bangkok's seventh tallest building, completed in 1996. The restaurant is specially designed to provide the best views of the city and serves a high quality selection of western dishes. One of the small high sections of the restaurant has recently turned into a comfortable bar with soft sofas. The prices are somehow high, but drinks are of normal price. It is cheaper to spend the evening in the bar of the restaurant, enjoying the same spectacular 360º panorama than in the restaurant itself.

It is all apparent that revolving high-size restaurants are not the least options in the restaurant industry. They comprise both, a unique experience and fine dining, and, probably, the night, spent in the highest restaurant in the world, will turn into the most memorable event of your life. The last question occurs: "What about menu and prices?" The prices and menus are variable; find them out, visiting one of the highest restaurants in the world.   


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