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Whether you are having a business or a holiday trip to Croatia, you face the problem of choosing the way to get there. It's obvious, that flying to Croatia is the most popular choice. So which air company to choose, where to find it, how to book flights to Croatia, are there any discounts and so on and so forth.... Answers to all these questions are right here, in this article.

Whether you are having a business or a holiday trip, you always have to decide which way of travelling suits you best. If you have enough time and want to observe the landscape and nature - ground traveling means, such as car, bus, train, are for you. But modern life is extremely rapid and there is no time to waste, so flying seems to be the most topical way to get to the place of your destination.


Flying industry is so much developed now - aircrafts can take you to any corner of the world. Should you decide to go to Croatia the choice of companies ready to help you is enormous. Flights to Croatia can be done practically with every company, though British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines and Air France are still the leaders of the market.


Being expensive enough your flights to Croatia with these air carriers will be the most comfortable. The aircraft is divided into sections-classes. Usually there are three of them: first class, business class and economy class.


It goes without saying that places in business class coast a fortune, but it's worth it. The business class salons are usually supplied with a new model of an armchair which has a few modes of regulation and can be turned into a bed. These new armchairs are introduced on the planes making distant flights that take a considerable number of hours.


The plane crew pays most of its attention to business class passengers, they have better equipment, a richer menu and better service. But this doesn't mean that people flying in the economy class are left out. Thanks to the airlines rivalry the companies are eager to satisfy the passengers, so anyway the service is excellent.


Except for being served well while having flights to Croatia with these respectful airlines, there is a range of discounts for tickets. It depends on the season, the day of the week, the destination, the time you book the tickets, the number and age of people flying and the way and place you book the tickets. Usually tickets are cheaper on week-days, group tickets are also available at lower prices. Direct flights are more expensive, so if you are inclined to save money and have cheap flights to Croatia it's better to have an indirect flight with a change of planes. Cheaper tickets are usually available on-line. All what you need is to go to one of the sites: www.travelbag.com, www.lastminute.com, www.ebookers.com or any other offered to you by searching devices, find a deal and book tickets.  Booking well beforehand or in the last minute can be much cheaper.

Many find that flights to Croatia can be quite expensive, and, coupled with limited availability during peak periods, making travel arrangements can be quite troublesome. Currently, very few low-cost airlines fly directly to Croatia, but it is possible to fly to nearby countries (Italy, Austria and Slovenia) and then make your way over to Croatia. This is especially suitable when you're able to get excellent deals on flight tickets - for example, Ryanair often do one-way flights almost for free!! In order to be notified when they are having special flight bargains you should sign up for Ryanair's newsletter.

Some European low-cost airlines do carry out flights to Croatia, although not directly, so you'll need to make a stopover: HLX, SkyEurope, GermanWings and Norwegian. But careful travel planning is a must - flight connection times don't always work out that well, meaning you might have to make a one-night stopover in some places.

There are eight major airports in Croatia: Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Pula, Rijeka (on the island of Krk), Zadar, Brac and Osijek. If you're flying into Croatia from elsewhere in Europe, you'll almost certainly be flying to one of the first five. If your final destination is not one of these cities, Croatian Airlines can take you to other big cities at quite a low price, otherwise there is a good bus service in Croatia, which can take you anywhere.

With such a great number of airlines and competitive relations between them cheap flights to Croatia is not a problem.









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