Take a step to the future at Disneyland Tomorrowland

With neon spires reaching into the sky and the roar of futuristic vehicles filling the air, Disneyland's Tomorrowland is a "land on the move," with a buzz of activity and light-years ahead of the rest. Tomorrowland is a vista into a world of wondrous ideas, signifying man's achievements and a step into the future with predictions of constructive things to come.
Tomorrowland is one of the "themed lands" at the many Magic Kingdom-style parks run by The Walt Disney Company around the world. Designed to be futuristic but at the same time, completely down-to-earth in landscaping, very popular Tomorrowland is a Disney-style sampling of the future day and age. Tomorrowland is an on-going experiment that looks to the coming centuries we stand to face as well as salutes the accomplishments we have already enjoyed.
The first Tomorrowland opened at Disneyland in 1955, with only a subset of its planned attractions due to budget cuts. Many of the buildings housed corporate demonstrations for future living. When Tomorrowland first opened, it was billed the "World in 1986". For the first four years, most of Tomorrowland was generally open space and considered to be very corporate fueled.
Spinning rocket ships greet you at the entrance to Disneyland Tomorrowland, a continually changing and evolving glimpse into the future. Of all the "lands" in the park Disneyland Tomorrowland has probably changed the most over the years as technology has advanced. Whether you're helping Buzz Lightyear defend the galaxy, soaring through the stars on Space Mountain, or taking a fantastic Star Tour to the moon of Endor, these futuristic experiences are sure to create some timeless memories.
Walt Disney was never completely satisfied with Tomorrowland. The area underwent a major transformation in 1967 to become "New Tomorrowland," and then again in 1998 when its focus was changed to present a "retro-future" theme reminiscent of the illustrations of Jules Verne. In 1967 the addition of the Carousel theater, Flight to the Moon building, the Adventure Thru Inner Space building, a new Circle-Vision building, and Peoplemover/Rocket Jets platform, gave Tomorrowland the "World on the Move" theme. In time, a Space Port, opened as Space Mountain; Star Tours; and Magic-Eye Theater opened in places of older attractions. Disneyland Tomorrowland changed again in 2005, with a new blue, silver, white, and gold paint scheme, similar to its 1967-1997 paint scheme, but with a small mixture with its 1998 scheme. Space Mountain returned to its classic white look during this repaint of Tomorrowland. Most of Tomorrowland has been repainted and new plans are being considered for the land. In 2007, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage will open along with a new monorail system. There are also plans for a return of the Rocket Jets to their original location and a new Peoplemover. Current attractions at Disneyland Tomorrowland include the popular Space Mountain, which opened in 1977, closed in 2003 and reopened in 2005. Star Tours, a futuristic Star Wars ride created as collaboration between George Lucas and Disney Imagineers. The newest Tomorrowland attraction, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, opened in 2005.
Every visitor to Disneyland Tomorrowland has a chance to win the out-of-this-world Teleportation Spell and Stitch's Teleporter. There's the secret URL in VMK that downloads the all-new Tomorrowland Quest. Print and the guests can bring the Quest to Disneyland Resort in California or Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. When all the right answers are found, the Quest should be taken to VMK Central to redeem for the great Tomorrowland virtual prizes.
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