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Idyllic tropical island with white sand beaches, blue-green water, palm trees rustling overhead in the warm breeze and a very laid back attitude - that is a dream picture of summer vacation. The only problem is to find a summer resort which can make this dream true. Tour-operators in travel agencies know thousands of popular and trend resorts for summer vacation.

Tour-operators in different travel agencies can list you, without a delay, the most popular summer resorts for summer vacation. Check, do you know them?

Caribbean is some wonderful hideaway islands where you can be sure to get away from it all. In the Caribbean you are to choose among very flexible services and summer resorts. For instance, they can organise anything from a few days break on a very quiet sleepy island where you can initially unwind and acclimatise, followed by a week's sailing round many of the beautiful islands and uninhabited cays on one of our superb privately owned yachts. "Bareboats" (without crew) are also available on some islands. Anchor off the many reefs and enter into a world of incredible underwater life. Snorkelling is a magical and easily learned way of seeing stunningly beautiful multi-coloured fish in their own environment.

Among popular Aruba (Caribbean) summer resorts one can list the following spots - Arikok National Park, Oranjestad, Palm/Eagle Beach, and Southeast Coast. There you can choose between high-rise hotels and all-inclusive resorts. All of them offer different activities like beach, boating/sailing, casino, fishing, health club, health spa/massage, jogging, outdoor pool, scuba diving, or indoor tennis. Pay special attention to spa services - since all the resorts offer them with a different degree of diversity. 

Close your eyes and picture an idyllic tropical island with white sand beaches, blue-green water, palm trees rustling overhead in the warm breeze and a very laid back attitude. That's Caye Caulker summer resorts. Caye Caulker is situated 21 miles northeast of Belize City and 11 miles south of Ambergris Caye and is the second largest of the approximately 200 small islands located off the coast of Belize. Caye Caulker, one half mile wide and less than five miles long, is also the second most populous of the Belizean cayes with about 1,200 full-time residents.

If you are looking for a way to get away from it all, Caye Caulker, Belize is a good choice. This small Island off the coast of Belize can be reached by airplane or water taxi service on the half hour. Whether you want to dive, fish, snorkel, windsurf, or just relax in the sun, Caye Caulker is the place to stay.

Colorado is a state of extreme high-mountain adventure, with 54 peaks rising above 14,000 feet. Visitors can make journey to the subalpine meadows of Rocky Mountain National Park, and watch herds of elk and mountain sheep graze as golden eagles soar high above; or visit ancient Anasazi ruins at Mesa Verde National Park. It's amazing feeling to become enchanted with out-of-this-world rock formations at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Denver and smaller towns like Estes Park, offer great vacation hospitality with shopping, dining, activities and day trips for the whole family. Experts advise to take a chance and breathe in the fresh mountain air in the unforgettable experience that is Colorado.

Whether you are planning a group trip, family getaway or individual weekend escape in summertime one of the Colorado's accommodations is right for you. Colorado summer trips may include golfing, music festivals, biking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, rodeos, and ballooning - everything for you to fall in love with this country and remember your summer resorts there for life.

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