A summer at Summer language institute

Summer language courses create a unique linguistic environment, one that provides students with unlimited opportunities to speak their target language. Many of these programs set international standard in language instruction. Summer language institute can also prepare students for study abroad by improving their language skills and deepening cultural understanding.

"It honestly was the best experience I've ever  had in my life and I am definitely proceeding with  my Spanish studies this fall and hope to study abroad again in the future!"  Such a reference, having attitude to a well criticized Instituto International Forester can be attributed to many language organisations all over the world named Summer language institute.

 Following this description you`ll be able to imagine what is a Summer language institute, it will also help you  create your Summer language institute profile. 

Summer courses create a unique linguistic environment, one that provides students with unlimited opportunities to speak their target language.

The Summer language institute in question is found in San Jose, Costa Rica .

The vitality of the city surprises visitors. Its residents are unmatched in their friendliness and warmth. Every year the country attracts a large number of people who, having visited Costa Rica once, decide to return to settle here.

Instituto Internacional Forester was founded in 1979. Its owner, Horacio de Loprete, has chosen a friendly and helpful staff which helps make your stay more enjoyable. The basic of  the school's philosophy is that it be a cheerful, congenial place to study. The school is located in a quiet, elegant residential area, it's a  20-minute walk from downtown San Jose.

Though the structure was built as a house, it has been redone to suit teaching needs. The building boasts comfortable modern, sunny classrooms with big glass windows. The lounge usually has aromatic coffee brewing. The patio is strewn with tropical plants and offers a beautiful "vista" of the surrounding mountains. At lunchtime many of the students go to the market to buy goodies and share an informal lunch on the patio. A new annex has been built recently: a beautiful modern building with a pool to be used during the high season.

All programs include language lessons, FREE Latin dance classes, free internet access and complimentary Costa Rican coffee throughout the day.  Classes are 50 minutes long. The Institute operates both morning and afternoon schedules.

Additional programs feature  Program for Children (offered to families traveling with children between the ages of 6 and 15), Specialized Spanish Program (combination of group and private instruction concentrating on specific vocabulary for business people, nurses, doctors, flight attendants, law enforcement personnel, etc.), Home Language Lessons (students receive private classes and live at the teacher's home).   Summer Teen Program is available for students of 13 to 17 years. Students will be placed with specially selected Costa Rican host families who have  teenage sons or daughters. Participants are closely supervised by the Summer language institute and also by their host family and must abide by the same rules imposed by each host family on their own children.

A summer at Summer language institute can also prepare students for studying abroad by improving their language skills, deepening cultural understanding, and strengthening confidence and learning strategies.

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