Stockholm guide - how tomove around and what to see

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is the largest city in the country with the population of more than a million people. The city was established in 1252 and from the end of the XIII century is a constant residence of Sweden Royal Family. Stockholm is one of the most magnificent capitals of the world, scattered over 14 islands, famous for its warm and friendly atmosphere, innumerous attractions, great international and cultural events, and...many tourist privileges.
The city is, of no doubt, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world. In spite of the fact that Stockholm is an industrial center it is one of the cleanest cities, harmonically joining large buildings, huge parks and oases. The first in the world National City Park, Royal Ecological Park is situated in stockholm.
Transportation stockholm guide: Stockholm offers a well-developed network of metros, commuter trains, buses and trams. By the way, Stockholm is the only city in Sweden with metro. And what a metro it is! Stockholm metro is known as the "world's longest art exhibition", for the metro network is decorated with originally commissioned art. Trams are available with higher prices in comparison with other means of public transport, and there are not so many of them in the city. Among them, tram 7 can be recommended, as it passes many city sights. The common tram ticket price is SKr20. Then goes taxi, a very convenient tourist transport. A basic fee will be about SKr28-36, tips are usually included in the fare. Taxis can be ordered by telephone from Taxi Stockholm or Taxi Kurir, computer taxis can be ordered online, and of course, hailed in the street. To hire a car is not the best choice, as Stockholm is a terrific place for drivers due to its location with numerous restrictions on drivers.
stockholm guide to the key attractions: Vasa Museum is the most visited museum in Sweden with the exposition of the warship Vasa, sunk inside Stockholm harbor in 1628. The ship was raised from the harbor bottom in 1961 and was housed in the main hall of the museum.
City Hall is considered by the Swedes the finest building of the country. The tower of City Hall gives an exciting panorama of stockholm. The building consists of magnificent apartments, in one of which, Blue Hall, which is actually red, the annual Nobel Prize Banquet takes place.
The Royal Palace should be given a special attention. It is situated in the center of Stockholm, on the central island of Riddarholmen. The Royal Palace is the official residence of the Sweden Royal family. The building, consisting of 608 rooms, finished in magnificent baroque style, is included in the list of the largest surviving palaces in Europe. The part of the palace, including Banqueting Apartments, the Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry, the Hall of State, the Royal Treasury, Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities and the Royal Chapel, are open for tourists' visits.
The Museum of National Antiquities, Sweden's national historical museum, shows the miraculous history from prehistoric times to the present day. The main decoration of the museum is a spectacular Gold Room, which stores the gold of the Viking chiefs.
This is important to mention Stockholm Globe here. The Stockholm Globe is the world's largest spherical building at 279ft high and 361ft wide. This is a host for sporting contests and events as well as restaurants, bars and shopping complex.
And the last but not the least attraction in our stockholm guide will be Skansen, that is Open-air Museum and Zoological Park. This museum and zoo was founded in 1891 and is the first such place to be built. The museum preserves rural culture of Sweden and contains about 160 historic farms and houses from the whole Sweden.
Of course, if to accomplish a vigorous and detailed stockholm guide it will be a very fat book with a lot more interesting places in Stockholm. Here we have dwelled on the main of them without of which the list will not be complete at all. Additionally, for those, who want to economize, there is a special Stockholm Card, which gives one the opportunity of free tickets for city buses, metro and local train, free visits of 70 museums and city attractions, free excursion throughout the city by the old tram; and some privilege for a city excursion by bus, tickets for several performances, restaurants and purchases. The card has several variants and is available at Stockholm Information Service..
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