Start of rave fashion is early 90s with the fat rave pants

Rave clothes are an important and dynamic part of rave culture. For the people involved in the culture proper rave clothes and rave fashion are essential. During the past several years, popular rave fashion moved from the eccentric things to the fat rave pants. There developed two primary styles in rave wear: creative and bright candy style and more sophisticated club style. Today most ravers dress for comfort and pleasure.

Most ravers wear distinctive rave clothing. Rave clothes are as much a part of rave culture as the rave music. For some people involved in rave culture, rave clothes are the most important thing. So, what are the distinctive features of the special rave wear? Rave clothing must be lightweight, loose-fitting and comfort.

If you want to dress like a raver, your clothes must bring fashion and music together with the latest styles in rave wear, street clothes, club, lounge, and punk. Today there is a pretty wide selection of rave clothes, rave wear, urban street wear, and the most stylish clothes on the market.

Through the past several years, popular rave fashion moved from the eccentricities of the early 90s to the fat rave pants, photon lights, and glow sticks, for the people involved in the rave culture proper rave clothes and rave fashion are essential. Many ravers wear loose shorts or very wide-legged or baggy rave pants.

As usual (especially in British English), the word pants refers to underwear. It is a catch-all term that can mean anything from thongs to boxer shorts, but all have the common feature that they are worn under trousers, skirts or pajamas. The word "pants" has got the humorous implication among younger people in the last few decades. There is also a tendency to use it as an adjective.

Let's suppose you know exactly the way you want to look, but you don't know where to purchase the hottest rave clothes and urban street wear... It's often hard to find great rave clothes and rave clothing sites. Rave pants and other rave clothes are essential things for any special rave store. Though some of the stores may not specialize in rave wear and rave pants.

Esprit has a list of merchandise to offer and doesn't just fit the rave clothing store. In case you are a full figured women looking for sexy rave wear, you can find there special plus size rave clothes and rave fashion. Unfortunately, most rave stores are always changing and it is hard to find good shops with the apparel you are looking for. Many rave clothing stores are here for the customers today and gone tomorrow.

Rave clothes have developed over the past several decades into two primary styles: candy style and club style.The Candy style of rave clothing is worn by so-called "candy kids". Candy kids wear brightly colored clothes that are very different. Personal creativity is the signature of this rave clothes style. A part or all of candy costumes are fashioned by hand. The candy style of the rave clothes is an explosion of color and creativity.

The Club style of rave clothes is more sophisticated. Generally speaking, this style of rave clothes more corresponds with the current fashion trends nationally. The Club style of rave clothes also draws heavily from hip hop clothing lines. In particular club clothes include rave pants. Most rave pants are made of 100% Polyester and feature glow in the dark piping around pockets, seams and other details.

Since 2000 year law enforcement officials increased their attention to raves. As a result, candy rave clothes began to disappear and the club style of rave clothes became more popular. This replacement in the style of rave clothes reflected the ravers' desire to become less identifiable.

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