The variety of spa employment

The society development and science progress brings new professions to life almost every year. From the moment first beauty saloons and spa centers started, various beauty jobs began to appear. These centers do a world of good to your face and body. Using materials, procedures and techniques from all over the world, they give you some relaxation, energy and a vitamin boost. There is no wonder it is so popular in spa centers abroad and people continue visiting them every year. It has recently become a part of glamorous life style and a frequent topic of conversation at informal meetings and go-outs. Now, it is even hard to imagine that few years ago we knew nothing about this industry of pleasure and enjoyment.

The popularity of spa procedures sets spa recruitment to a new level, as the requirements to the spa staff become higher alongside with the awareness of society. Nowadays, with so many sources of information available on the topic, you need to be an absolute expert in your profession to go for the spa employment. That is the reason why, when a new spa centre is opened, experienced representatives of Swedish, Thai, Japanese and other well-known companies are invited to select candidates for the spa employment. For those lucky, who can to pass through, a special training is provided. The spa employment recruits staff not only for spa centres, but for fitness, wellness and beauty centres, which provide spa services as well.

Here is one of the positions available-a spa receptionist. His responsibilities are to create a welcoming environment and a five-star customer service. A spa receptionist is in charge of covering reception shifts as needed throughout the company on an on-call basis, assist the Director of Front Desk Services as needed with special projects and administrative duties and to maintain a flexible work-schedule, which is conductive to department needs. The spa employment requirements for this position are as follows: a High school Diploma, at least a couple of years experience in the customer service(spa, fitness and hotel preferred),computer knowledge and certainly a pleasant appearance and manners, sociability and a good nature, as you are the first person, who deals with customers.

Another most frequently required position for the spa employment is a lead massage therapist. This person has to help creating a menu of services, choosing products/supplies, creating job descriptions, interviewing potential therapists, creating procedures and teaching other therapists on these procedures. For this position you need to have about five hundred hours from an accredited massage school and minimum two years in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Reflexology and Pregnancy.

Among other position that of esthetician is also often required. To apply, you must have thorough knowledge of skin care, an experience in microdermabrasion and cosmeceutical sales, Obagi blue peels, face and body scrubs, aromatherapy and lymphatic techniques.

Depending on the centre, it may provide many types of massage-hot stone, sports, Swedish, therapeutic deep tissue and many others, as well as manicures/pedicures, nail design and polish changes, which add several more jobs on the spa employment schedule. Some centres also focus on anti aging and weight loss and some high-skilled acupuncturists offer their services as well. All this sets demands for professionals, who do not only know their job well, but love it and never stop mastering it and learning something new. When a new advanced technique appears and becomes popular, a real professional will try his best to know all about it before there will be queues to his competitor.

Therefore, as you may now see, there are many job opportunities on the spa employment. What you need is only to choose which one is more your cup of tea.

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