Sound clips? have fun and make others laugh

Our technological development becomes frightening today. It seems that everything has been already invented; however, new facilities do not stop emerging. It seems there is nothing more to invent, but everyday we make discoveries. We think, "What else can these inventors make up? We have everything". Nevertheless, tomorrow we will get to know about a prototype of a new vehicle or a new progress in communication.

It becomes clear today that our imagination is limitless and our capacity is eternal with all these sophisticated communication ways, invented and being elaborated, with space flights, accomplished and being suggested, and with the technological progress, achieved and being projected. All that is excellent if it brings a positive effect.
The sound clip is one of the developments, worth discussing in this context. Certainly, sound clips are not so vital issues as, for instance, space flights. However, they entertain and bring joy, what is especially important today.

What are they? Generally, sound clips are moving (animated) pictures, provided with voiced commentaries. Now, it is not necessary to go to the zoo, a concert hall or the other entertaining places, nevertheless, it is possible to download sound clips or clip art music and enjoy the performances. The varieties of sound clips are enormous. There is an abundance of sound clips of various animals and birds, well known and rare. For instance, animals and birds sound clips are wonderful manuals to familiarize your children with nature, animals and birds' names. You will have fun to watch and listen to bathroom, domestic and kitchen sound clips, presenting the sounds of shower, flush, phone, door, cooking and a lot more. Classical music is also widely used for the sound clips making. Well, there are emotions, people noises, nature, street noises and vehicles sound clips.   

You will be surprised at the great variety and wide collections of the sounds on:
 - with five thousand sounds and five million clipart images, animations, fonts and photos;
- Chuo University Sound Effects Collection, offering fifteen categories of sounds, including domestic, emotion, animals, nature, people, sports, vehicles and streets;
- Sunsite Sound Effects, presenting over hundred sound effects, small files and many inanimate noises: beeps, clicks, tones as well as human sounds, clocks and more;
- Wav Central Sound Effects with a huge variety of short sound clips, including such oddities as a Tarzan yell, a laser, an antique car horn and more.

There is an interesting program "CrazyTalk", Facial Animation & Lip-sync Software, which allows you to be an animator and an artist at once.  You can use CrazyTalk in Pro Video Editing, Home Movies, Family Photos, Multimedia Presentations & more.

 With CrazyTalk you will be able to create and control a virtual cast of live talking personages, delivering an animated vocal performance for your web, video, mobile or messaging projects. All you need is only a single photograph, recorded or imported audio, and the CrazyTalk's facial morphing animation technology begins creating speaking actors, guides and digital hosts. The software, with the detailed instruction and terms of the usage, is available on

How can you use all these things? Sound clips are valuable as presents, mailed to your friends for their birthdays, or they can be used to play tricks and jokes, or they are excellent sources to cheer somebody up, when he or she is in a bad mood. If you want to make somebody happy, send him (or her) a sound clip and enjoy the result. Finally, elaborate your own ways and methods of the sound clips application.  



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