Solving the MBA home or MBA India puzzle

Where to spend two best years of your life, earning your MBA at the homeland or abroad: let us say in India? Being at the watershed of your life, do not make a mistake of trying too many things at once, as at the end all boils down to our choice and decisiveness. There are plenty of avenues across the globe. However, what really matters is the place, where you want to be.

Solving the MBA home or MBA India puzzle may not be simple, though the answer can be worked out, only give it some serious thought. First of all, doing your MBA India, you are away from your family for two years or more, which may turn out to be rather challenging for some people. Nevertheless, at the same time you will be given a unique chance to rediscover your virtues and vices, when living in a foreign country and being independent. You get to explore your real survival mechanisms. All this bustle and disturbance will prepare you well for the corporate workforce abroad, which can be quite uncertain and difficult to deal with without some practice.

They say that you will learn as much from your colleagues at a business school, as from your professors. There is no doubt that in your native MBA schools you will meet some sharp, intellectual minds. However, the diversity that MBA colleges in India give is almost unrivalled. An infinite number of various mindsets and attitudes to fight and things to talk about will soon help you discover a complete, intelligent adult you are slowly metamorphosing into. In addition, mixing with your fellow mates will help you to break some of your own conventional shackled thoughts and widen some of those narrow mindsets. Moreover, interacting with people, having more experience than you do, will result in understanding your own career paths and assessment of your future prospects in desired industries.

Another governing factor should be the place, where you intend to work immediately after your MBA. The cases, where you get recruited by some global conglomerates for working in their foreign offices after you graduate from a good institute in your country, can be completely ignored. Thus, if you would like to be a part of your country's corporate body with frequent visits abroad, business schools at your homeland might be your true vocation. Nonetheless, in case you are interested in the Indian market, it will be worth your time to obtain your MBA India. Here is the next question, concerning a job placement, when you get your MBA. Campus recruitments are almost one hundred percent in India, which is very much unlike in Europe and the USA, where they are almost zilch, but you will definitely have a chance to meet many company representatives, talk about job profiles, network with the alumni, so to say socialize with the 'right' people.

Finally, earning your MBA India gives you not only an international exposure, but also a branding for life with a very big alumni community that you can turn to at any point of time in your career. The salaries are high and during the MBA India, you can solve some real life problems through company internships and might get some a VC funding for some of your entrepreneurial ideas. Although the subject knowledge you acquire might be similar both in your country and in India, the professors might be quite different. Indisputably, in many top US business schools you will see real CEOs and chairmen, taking a few lectures, and professors, authors of the actual text-books, sharing some of their management insights, though MBA colleges in India take a pride in having the best of the lot.

Thus, choosing where to study might be one of the most interesting and rewarding things you could do with your time. Furthermore, either the MBA India or MBA anywhere else, your true personality is what makes you strike a good friendship, gain more out of the MBA and open new prospects in your life.

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