Shore tours of the world's most exotic places

Explore the world and discover new places, new foods, new experiences. Join a cruise and sail to explore ports rich in history and culture. Don't just see the world. Venture beyond to some exotic, less traveled destinations. Get up close and personal with some of the most exciting destinations in the world.
Whether you're looking to kick back and relax on a tropical beach, fill every minute with exciting air, water, and land activities or arrange the perfect romantic wedding or honeymoon, shore tours will help you get to know the unique personality of each island. As you plan your dream cruise, you'll want to know more about the special features each port of call's shore tours have to offer. Each port of call has its own feel and personality, as if each is its own little continent. The views are spectacular. Many of us like shore tours because the trips are easy, safe and insured. If we don't have the time or inclination to put forth the effort to plan our own days ashore and if we prefer security to serendipity, shore tours and shore excursions are what we need. Prearranged sightseeing saves valuable time in port and ensures the best services available.
NCL shore excursions offer you the opportunity to sample the colorful culture and see the most dramatic scenery in each port of call. Whether you're exploring on your own or participating in a pre-planned tour, you will have pleasant and memorable adventures ashore with Norwegian Cruise Line. There is a wide selection of shore tours organized for each destination region.
The shore tours of Honolulu, Oahu will give you unforgettable memories as you experience the floral-scented air, dazzling beaches and spectacular sunrises over Diamond Head. There are many other attractions that are very desirable to visitors: museums, historic Pearl Harbor, sophisticated shopping and excellent restaurants. And through it all, golden Waikiki Beach has been the playground of choice. There you'll have a perfect chance to surf. Your experience will begin with a short ride to famous Waikiki Beach where you will be greeted by the Waikiki "Beach Boys". These expert surfers will first instruct you on land before you paddle out to ride your first wave. After your lessons you are free to practice on the surfboard provided. Then you can relax on the beach for a while. You may choose to return to the ship on the transportation provided or stay on your own to enjoy Waikiki Beach or do a little shopping.
Take a shore tour of Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati. This isolated island in the Republic of Kiribati is NCL's private getaway, with no electricity or telephones and perfect for a day of rest. You can swim or snorkel in crystal clear lagoons, take a walk or just relax on the beach and enjoy the ocean view. You can buy hand-made crafts, including woven items like grass mats, bowls made from small shells, and decorative knives made from shark teeth and palm. Bring a camera and wander to nearby villages and settlements.
"Hele mai" - "Come with us" on a scenic tour of the island of Hawaii. You'll be surprised at the varied terrain, plant life, fauna, geology, and climate variations. Each region also has a unique feel and different mixture of towns, businesses, recreational activities, churches, and schools. Kona coast of the Big Island of Hawaii is called the Gold Coast. Reliable sunny days, spectacular sunsets, fascinating historical sites and tidal pools teeming with marine life... And it's no surprise that West Hawaii's first destination resort was here, a favorite of the rich and famous.
The shore tours of other Hawaiian ports are also available. All of them are unique and one of the kind. You may not know what heaven looks like, but seems God practiced on Hawaii.
These are just a few samples of bountiful shore tours. Browse the tours at any time for yourself and you can view the tours offered at all ports.
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