Several best Las Vegas nightclubs

Las Vegas nightlife is something special and always waits for visitors and participants. The best of the Las Vegas nightlife are casinos, shows, performances, hotels and stages, and also many of restaurants open during the whole night. Not mentioning the grand displays of light that can be viewed from the streets. How to experience the best? First thing is to know where to start. Take a deep breath and go along the street, work your way down to the other end, thus you will be able to see the best Las Vegas nightlife.

Casinos, naturally, continue to draw tourists to Las Vegas. From penny slots to high stakes table games in private salons, you'll find it here. But there's much more to Las Vegas than gambling.

What is the main attraction for tourists in Las Vegas today? Casinos. Las Vegas is a kingdom of casino games beginning from the penny slots to high stakes table games in private and closed for a common public salons. However, Las Vegas is more than gambling.
Las Vegas, famous for its nightlife, is one of the most attracting places to see after dark. It looks like the Strip comes to life the moment, when the sun goes down and could be seen from miles outside of the city limits. Since there is so much to see and do here, do not forget to prepare yourself to see and do everything possible during your Las Vegas stay.

Are you fond of dancing and want to dance a night away in one of best Las Vegas nightclub? There are quite a number of choices for you. If you want to meet people, sit in the lounge and have a drink, or drink cocktails and dance, dance, and dance until drop, in Las Vegas nightclubs you will find all these alternatives.

Drai's is considered to be the best Las Vegas nightclub. Drai's offers gourmet French cuisine by day and Drai's after hours bash by night. When the servants bring the last ordered meal, Drai's is transformed into the location, where the hottest Drai's Vegas parties take place. The party goes on from the midnight and till after the sun shining. The dance floor is unforgettable. But if you will manage to make your way through the crowds, you will find places where you can be surrounded by mini palm trees in a dimly lit lounge. You will see walls lined with books and decorated with abstract art.

Do you happen to hear about rather famous Las Vegas nightclub, Club Rio? It is considered to be one of the best Las Vegas nightclub. Why not to share you dancing night between several spots? Frankly speaking, this is a rule - to visit few other nightclubs during one night, it is a kind of Vegas club standard. Rio hotel has a 30 000-square-foot circular venue which turns into a nightclub later in the evenings. This round design forms a perfect nightclub setup with a vast dance floor and two tiers of seating. The first level of tables and sears is for VIPs, who are also offered bottle service. The second level is envisaged for dancers who need resting and drinking some water.

Club Rio attracts young crowd, firstly, because of a great place to dance, and secondly, because there you can dance hip-hop music and R&B rhythms. This keeps the dance floor packed. Interesting feature of this club - you can watch yourself in one of twelve massive video walls which surround the club and provide colorful images and live shots of the crowd. Club Rio is also the place where they organize regular Latin nights. If you can dance salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton and hip-hop music, why not to visit Club Rio during one of such nights?

Next advice is to go to ICE club, also one of the best Las Vegas nightclub. This is proposal for those who  like something not ordinary. ICE means that you fought - this is a really cool nightclub. The area is huge - 17,000-square-foot metaclub with 40-foot ceilings and 6 unique pools, plus, for you rest, a balcony overlooking the venue. In this club you can easily walk around from one room to the next, watch hardly working resident DJ (or sometimes, visiting DJs), go-go dancers, a bar and a VIP area.

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