Seaworld in Orlando- whales, dolphins, sharks, sea lions and more

The SeaWorld in Orlando hosts thousands of guests everyday, who come to watch its signature show Shamu, featuring a whale as the main character, pat amusing dolphins, and take a number of thrilling rides. The world's premier marine adventure park, the SeaWorld in Orlando, provides masses of marine world interactions, ultra-modern shows and the most breathtaking rides.

A day, spent at the SeaWorld in Florida, Orlando, will be packed with adventures of any kind and genre. Spectacular shows, adventurous and experimenting education programs, and tremendous rides are available in huge varieties so that it is impossible to say that the SeaWorld in Orlando is a one-day-adventure. You can spend a week here and realize that a major part of programs is still left to be explored.

A myriad of extremely spectacular shows creates an unforgettable atmosphere at the SeaWorld in Orlando. The world-renowned Shamu Adventure displays the tremendous power of Shamu, a killer whale, and amazing feats, performed by trainers and these amazing animals. If you sit in the stadium's "Soak Zone," you will get splashed by Shamu, eagerly sending heaps of water toward the audience by using his giant tail and fins.

The Pets Ahoy is a fascinating show, featuring extremely talented teams of dogs, cats, birds, rats, and even pot-bellied pigs and skunks, presenting funny skits and surprising comical tricks. The most important fact is that almost all of these furry and feathered performers of the Pets Ahoy were rescued from local animals' shelters before they became a sensation at the SeaWorld in Orlando.

The interactive educational programs at the SeaWorld in Orlando provide participants with one-of-the-kind opportunities to get closer to such amazing animals as whales, sharks, dolphins and sea lions and can range from one day lessons and practices to weeks-long adventures. These comprise the following programs.

The False Killer Whale Interaction Program allows participants to face eye-to-eye and interact with massive, 1twelve-foot long false killer whales and conduct animal training sessions with the SeaWorld in Orlando trainers.

The Sharks Deep Dive gives participants a chance to either snorkel or scuba dive in a safe and authentic shark cage during their close encounter with sharks.

To the Rescue! is a one-hour tour, exemplifying the park's manatee and sea turtle rescue and rehabilitation programs.

The Trainer for a Day includes six guests daily to learn training techniques from killer whale, dolphin and sea lion trainers.

The Animal Care Experience is a program, in which guests bottle feed orphaned manatees and learn how to take care for seals, walrus and beluga whales.

The Polar Expedition is a one-hour tour to explore the world of polar bears and beluga whales and touch a live penguin.

The Predators permits participants to touch a live shark and disclose the secrets of these predators in a one-hour program.

Camp classes, lasting from a day to weeks, are provided for the more complete knowledge and practice.

What concerns amusement rides, the choice and varieties are limitless. Guests visit the frozen north with a chilling ride aboard Wild Artic "jet helicopters" in an unforgettable motion-based flight. After narrowly escaping a fierce snowstorm and a sudden avalanche, guests face eye-to-eye with real polar bears, beluga whales and walruses. A journey to Atlantis is a water-coaster ride that features two of the steepest, wettest and fastest drops. It is the first ride in the world, which combines a terrific adventure of a high-speed water ride and a careening roller coaster. The newest amusement ride, Kraken, is the fastest, tallest, longest and the only "floorless" roller coaster in Orlando. Kraken speeds riders fifteen stories in the air, traveling at the speed of sixty five meters per hour and turns them upside down seven times.

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