Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport ? A Piece of American Flying History

Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport has its place in the past and the present of American air traveling.

Ronald Reagan Washington Airport started in 1941, replacing Hoover Field - an airport near the Pentagon, which has only one runway. This runway crossed the street, and each time when aircraft was launched or landed to Hoover Field, airport crew stopped auto traffic. Ronald Reagan name was granted to the airport in 1998 by Bill Clinton in order to celebrate the 87th birthday of Ronald Reagan. However, this doesn't have enough influence to change the fact  that most people still call it "Washington National".

Two terminals are operating today: it is Terminal A and Terminal B/C. Terminal A is the first terminal of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, which was created in 1941 and was greatly improved since that time. It has nine gates numbered from 1 to 9. Terminal B/C, opened later in 1997, instead of several terminals created in 1960s, has 35 gates, which are numbered from 10 to 45.

Many airlines are allowed to use Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. AirTran Airways, ATA Airlines, Midwest Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Northwest Airlink and Spirit Airlines use the nine gates of Terminal A. Gates from 10 to 22 of Terminal B/C are used by America West Airlines, Continental Express, Delta Air Lines, Delta Connection, Delta Shuttle and Frontier Airlines. Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, American Connection, American Eagle, United Airlines and US Airways are accessible through gates from 23-34 of Terminal B/C. US Airways with US Airways Express and US Airways Shuttle are also operating through gates 35-45.

It is widely known, that US Airways has the highest quantity of flights organized from or to Washington National Airport. However, Washington National Airport has some limitations, as it follows the federal 'perimeter rule'. For example, there can't be flight connecting Washington National Airport and another one with range over 1,250 miles. Only exceptions are Denver, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

Almost none of planes landing to Washington National Airport have performed the international flight. With a few exceptions of the highest priority or the situation of danger, every international or intercontinental flight is routed to Baltimore/Washington International Airport or Washington Dulles International Airport. Only a few of private planes are launched from Washington National Airport too.

After September 11th attacks private planes usage was banned here due to principles of safety. Today its buildings are rebuilding to restore the original architect style of Washington National Airport of 1941 with the modern technological achievements. This place is rich with its own legends and traditions, and if you are fond of air traveling, you should see it, despite that Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport isn't an international one.

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