Rodos fame: 6,000 shops in the oldest medieval town of Europe

Rodos is a fascinating city on the Island of Rhodes, Greece. It is a place with exceptional nature and beaches, a vivid lifestyle and vibrant nightlife with numerous local festivals and celebrations, music cafes, trendy shops, cinemas, bars, dancing clubs and casinos. At the same time, Rodos is a spot of antiques, antiquities and majestic architectural and historic heritage. One of Rodos's treasures is the Rodini Park, an ancient site of the famed School of Rhetoric, where many bright history figures like Julius Caesar, Cato the Younger and Cicero studied.

Rodos is an unusual and unique city... The city's major object of proud is that a part of modern Rodos, the Old Town of Rhodes is the oldest medieval town in Europe. It is surrounded by walls, which incorporate some extravagant charm to the city's appearance, and around two hundred streets in it have no names. The Old Town of Rhodes is a unique archeological, architectural and sculptural landmark of Rodos and it is home to the ruins of the Temple of Venus, which may date from the 3rd century B.C., and the Street of the Knight, one of the best preserved and most majestic medieval relics in the world.

Another peculiarity of Rodos is its commitment to perfect shopping. Perhaps, there is no other city in the world of the size of Rodos that can rival with Rodos in number and variability of shops. Even a yearlong vacation in Rodos will not be enough to visit all six thousand shops in the Old and New City. Long traditions of the inhabitants in silverwork, carpet making, embroidery, wines, ceramics, ouzo, olive oil and honey is represented through the high quality and original design of these local products that are of a special interest for numerous tourists visiting the city.

Rodos is proud to have the unrivalled nature, capable of setting your mind at rest and being a source of complete indulgence and inspiration. One of the city's most favorite natural spots is the Rodini Park, a kingdom of cypress, maple and pine trees and streams and paths wandering among them. Rodini is a site of the famed School of Rhetoric, where famous Greeks and Romans, including Julius Caesar, Cato the Younger, Cicero, Pompey, Brutus, Cassius and Mark Anthony studied.

There is a marvelous valley with pine and storax trees, visitors' walkways, waterfalls, rustic bridges and rock pools, called Butterflies, since during mid-June through August and September it attracts hundreds of thousands of Quadrina butterflies.

Seven Springs is also one of the natural phenomena, amazing visitors with its spectacular landscape. Trickling streams (Seven Springs) twist under rustic bridges, the scent of pine rejuvenates every breath, many footpaths and one dark tunnel of 610 ft long lead up to the stream sources.

Rodos is famous for its dynamic lifestyle and no matter where you choose to go, you will find your place of interest. A variety of music cafes, trendy shops, music stages, cinemas and other entertainment facilities in Rodos densely nestle throughout the city and cheer up locals and visitors day and night.

Business travelers might find it perfect that Rodos has many conference halls and they can organize a business meeting, conference, team-building meeting or other business event here as to combine a business training with ultimate leisure and entertainment. Rodos is a full member of the European Federation of Conference Towns, and many hotels in Rodos offer conference and meeting facilities and a peaceful atmosphere to enhance the spirit of communication and negotiation. The Esperos Village, Hilton Rhodes Resort, Olympic Palace and Paradise Royal Mare are only a few hotels from many with specially designed business areas.

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