Rica amazing travel bureau has something for everybody

In Spanish, Costa Rica means ?rich coast?. Costa Rica is rich in many ways. When you think of Costa Rica, you think of banana and coffee plantations, colorful wildlife and birds, diverse beach, rainforest and mountain countryside! Visit this tropical paradise where most of the coastlines are magnificent beaches. You can find all kind of travel packages in amazing Travel Bureau when you want to visit Costa Rica. Most people going for vacation have a special dream or need. Here you can live them out!

Overwhelmed about planning your Costa Rica vacation? Have you been hunting down tourism information and trying to confirm reservations on hundreds of different Costa Rica travel, tours, trips, and hotel sites? Do you feel frustrated sending out dozens of messages to hotels and not getting any replies? Have you been searching for tour operator sites that aren't trying to sell their own tours so you can get some objective recommendations?

Costa Rica amazing Travel Bureau has made it easy and convenient for you to plan and book your own great travel package. Costa Rica amazing Travel Bureau has something for everybody! Whatever your interests; adventure, rain forest, cloud forest, eco-tourism trips, mountains, volcanoes, golf, all inclusive hotels or just relaxing on an unspoiled tropical beach, you will find all of that and more in amazing Travel Bureau. Romantic vacations for couples as well as kids family vacations mixed with the more adventure filled vacation package can be selected at purchase. You can also find packages including activities like scuba diving, mountain biking, deep-sea fishing, whitewater rafting, sailing and much more.

For those who thirst for discovering Costa Rica flora and fauna amazing Travel Bureau offers a Jungle River Cruise. The Tarcoles River on the central Pacific Coast is full of Crocodiles, Scarlet Macaws, over 120 species of birds, and hundreds of tropical plant species. The cruise also features botanic gardens and scarlet macaw viewing in the afternoon. Many consider this half-day tour to be the highlight of their vacation. Or join Carara Rainforest Hike. Explore a transitional zone rainforest, which is home to scarlet macaws, monkeys, frogs, leaf cutter ants, and many other fascinating creatures. Transitional rainforests have a broader diversity of plant and animal life because they are a transition between different climate zones.

Amazing Travel Bureau has also something for romantics. Sunset Cruise will allow you to experience the dramatic coastline of the central Pacific Coast, searching for dolphins, manta rays, turtles and whales aboard a comfortable, luxurious yacht from the Los Suenos Marina. Experience the sunset and romance of returning by starlight.

For sports fans amazing Travel Bureau offers a vast variety of activities! Costa Rica is a surfer's paradise. The North, Central and South Pacific all offer fantastic surfing. Jaco Beach on the Central Pacific and Tamarindo on the North Pacific are perfect hangouts for surfers, because the waves rule the day, and the bars/discos rule the night! Surfing is truly World-class in Costa Rica. The best diving takes place on the South Pacific Coast around Cano Island. But the North Pacific also offers good diving. While not primarily a dive destination, Costa Rica offers big fish, big schools of fish, and lots of them. Horseback riding is available in several different regions of Costa Rica. Riding on the coastal areas can be uncomfortably hot, but might give you the opportunity to ride along the beach. There are many stables available to choose from, however, we knows amazing Travel Bureau which tours have the best trails, horses and equipment. Some hotels have stables on their grounds. There is also an evening horse show near San Jose with beautiful Andalusians.

Come and experience one of the most exotic and undiscovered vacation destinations in the world, boasting unsurpassed natural beauty and an impressive array of distinctions!

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