Amanpuri Phuket does away with fatigue and boredom

The country of Thailand lies in the southeast tip of Asia, and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. Tourism flourishes in this magnificent country. The one who comes to Thailand is immediately embraced by the welcoming arms of the place. The streets are full with all-time-open shops and malls so you can enjoy a self-made gift or something tasty any time you like. It seems that nature doesn't want to lag behind man in producing pleasures for tourists. Spectacular scenery, magnificent sunsets and warm blue sea await you at Asia's popular tourist destination. Nature and man's creations supplement each other. Ruins of marvelous ancient kingdoms, splendid temples, warm hospitality, yummy cuisine are only some of the elements that ensure your holiday is an unforgettable experience.

One of today's rapidly developing Thailand's resorts is Amanpuri Phuket resort.
Phuket island is a bit less than 900km south of Bangkok (Thailand's capital). The island is connected to Thailand's Phang Nga province by bridge and is surrounded by the Andaman Sea. Phuket is served by various domestic and regional flights; guests are offered private transfers to and from Phuket airport; the drive from Phuket airport to Amanpuri takes only 25 minutes.
Amanpuri boasts a reputation of a luxury resort where the quality of customer service, the facilities offered and the magnificent surroundings create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.
Amanpuri Phuket offers Thai style pavilions, a private beach, a swimming pool, tennis courts and a fleet of 20 cruises and sailing craft and various water sports.
If you want to amuse yourself otherwise than in the open air, you are welcome to a gift shop or the library which boasts a wide selection of books and CDs.
While books are food for the soul, you shouldn't forget about your physical ego either. And here Amanpuri Phuket also has options to offer. The resort's facilities include two restaurants: One offers Thai and European delicacies while the other is noted for its Italian cuisine. Sure, you haven't been able to resist the temptation and have tried as much dishes as you could. So, you have gained some extra calories after filling yourself with all those tasty things and now want to get rid of them. You can, of course, swim them off, but Amanpuri Phuket offers a much more pleasant option for lazybones who prefer to luxuriate after dinner. Thai massage is the option.
If you nevertheless prefer to burn off the calories engaging in some physical activity though other tnan swimming, you are welcome. The island is rapidly developing as a health resort so it presents various alternatives to improve your health. The resort's health facilities boast modern equipment that meets the clients' needs. The spa services include  exercise rooms, a treadmill, a rowing and a bike and step machine. After vigorous exercise you can relax enjoying  Thai aromatherapy.
Though Thailand spa services, especially Thai massage, are praised high and may be one of the main reasons you visit Thailand, the island of Phuket can offer much more. What would you say about diving in the Adamant Sea? Do not be afraid to stay in the welcoming waters forever, experienced instructors are at you side, always ready to return you back to solid earth. Or maybe you would like to try a tropical forest adventure as in Conan Doyle's "The Lost Word"? If you do not feel like entering the underwater and land jungles you may enjoy yourself during a speed boat cruise. Still, in case the only water escapade you want to meet with is near-beach swimming, there are day-time golf courses. At night, forward your steps to Patong Beach, you really won't regret.
You may think that the main reason for visiting Amanpuri Phuket is enjoying the spa and the island's night life and that's why the place is only about grownups. But you are wrong here. This place could be not less entertaining than the Disneyland for your children. You will find attractions for kids of all ages here.
First of all, there will be no problem with accommodation. Any hotel in Phuket welcomes kids. Though, if you want something special, there are also hotels that provide some special facilities for children. In such hotels you may find a kids club, a special swimming pool for kids, your child will be able to enjoy dishes of a children's menu as well a program of activities designed to entertain your offspring. The entertainment program offered is rather diverse: it embraces elephant trekking, mountain biking or ATV tours and eco-tours which in turn include rafting, kayaking, tubing, elephant riding.
Well then, choose the time, accumulate money and pack your bags. Thailand is awaiting.

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