Puerto Plata Vacations -- Diversity of Recreation and Entertainment Venues

Famous for its fantastic white sand beaches, Puerto Plata vacations - focusing on a the northern province of the Dominican Republic -- is regarded as an extremely popular vacation destination and a wonderful place to learn about Dominican culture and people. From the beach towns of Cabarete, Costambar and Luperon to the cosmopolitan cities of Sosua and Puerto Plata, the area is full of diverse attractions and sites, appealing to each traveler and ensuring memorable vacation experience.

Nestled on the northern coast of Hispanola Island, the province of Puerto Plata is recognized as one of the most renowned travel destinations in the Dominican Republic, offering amazing stretches of alluring white sand beaches, magnificent coastal mountains and lush green valleys. Referred to as the Fairest Land under Haven, the land continues to captivate travelers from across the globe with the unique combination of Latin American culture, kind and hospitable people and fascinating natural beauty. Puerto Plata vacations will introduce you to some of the most tranquil and peaceful surroundings, spectacular landscapes and amazing views you've ever experienced.

Established in the early 16th century by Nicolar de Ovando, Puerto Plata has served primarily as a port, becoming the final stop for vessels going back to Europe. Since the late 1990s, it has become an extremely popular vacation destination, mainly due to its great beaches. Puerto Plata travels appeal to a great number of tourists giving preference to inexpensive all-inclusive vacations.

And while some lodges of the kind continue to appear on the coast, the majority of them are still booked all-the-year-round. However, most accommodations aren't to be found in Puerto Plata itself, but in the tourism zone Playa Dorada, comprised of luxurious hotels, beautiful villas and secluded condominiums.

An amazing resort city, Puerto Plaza is located at the base of towering Mt Isabel de Torres, easily accessible by an electric sky lift system. An integral part of all Puerto Plata vacations is the visit to the mount's peak where guest will find the version of Rio de Janeiro's Redeemer - the renowned statue of Christ.

Those visiting the destination for the first time will be surprised to find a rich diversity of attractions, cultural venues and recreation options - everything that makes Puerto Plata vacations memorable experiences of a lifetime. Some of the most popular attractions include the central park of the city, Parque Luperon; the picturesque church, Iglesia de San Felipe; and a number of stores that specialize in local crafts. Downtown Puerto Plata is home to the last remaining Victorian style buildings, disappearing quickly due to the commercial development.

Art lovers will be delighted to visit the Amber Museum, ranked with the most famous tourist attractions in Puerto Plata. Situated on the second floor of a grand Victorian mansion, the museum houses collections of fossilized resin, some of them containing wonderfully preserved specimens that date back thousands of years.

Home to the vast majority of all-inclusive resorts of Puerto Plata, Playa Dorada offers its visitors a shopping mall, casinos, two golf courses and some fifteen miles of pristine beaches. And despite the fact that most of its property is private, Playa Dorada beach is open to the public and can be easily reached from the end of the main road.

Puerto Plata vacations enjoy immense popularity with windsurfers who flock to Cabarete and Amber Coast to experience great adventure. Headquartered here is the Professional Windsurfing Association, which has held World Cup competitions drawing top windsurfing professionals from around the world.

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