Personal MBA ? a permit to a new life

People, who own an MBA, regardless of their nationality, are offered great opportunities for getting work permits or visas in a foreign country. Working abroad is a dream of many MBA students. Many B-schools make this dream come true, inviting on-campus recruiters to hire the best MBAs for their overseas offices.

Working with a big consultancy or an investment bank overseas is a widespread wish among MBA alumni. At London Business School the biggest part of the class decides to work abroad and, taking into account the fact that eighty percent of the students are non-UK, London turns out to be the most desired location of employment. A great number of MBA recruiting companies are ready to pay for a work permit for bright young MBAs to their offices. However, the selection criteria are certainly tough.

Nevertheless, even the most well paved road may have pits. New recruits are the first to suffer from the staff reduction in case the employer's business falls into a decay, at best they may enjoy a part-time employment. The change of employers involves obtaining a new permit.

In this situation, your personal MBA may bring you a real advantage as the MBA networks have been created to assist you in your job search. The Global Workplace - Community of the World's Top Business Schools - is worth mentioning. The Global Workplace comprises the MBA alumni from thirty two partner schools, among them London Business School, Manchester, Cranfield, Cambridge, Oxford, as far as the MBA programmes in the UK are concerned.

The Global Workplace staff will offer you two ways of getting a new work permit. The first one suggests that an MBA graduate can find a new employer, who will make a new request for a new work permit. It may take two weeks to receive the confirmation of the request. The second way implies that an MBA can apply for the Highly Skilled Migrant Program, launched by the government of the UK. Anyone, who obtains seventy five points, is sure to get a full work permit. The points are conferred by the Home Office for an MBA qualification, a work experience, a certain size of salary and important achievements in the field.

This work permit has two fold advantages over the employer-sponsored one. On the one hand, this permit is personal; on the other, there is no necessity of financing the permit by any employer. The permit is a real break-through for international students, planning to work in the UK, specifically with small enterprises, where employers do not usually make requests for work permits on behalf of their staff.

The immigration policy in the UK tends to foster the most brilliant people across the globe to come to work in the country. In addition to the immigration program, you should also mention the fact that a UK work permit, financed by an employer, lasts for five years and in four year time a worker has the right to apply for a residence. Today, international students are more likely to obtain a work permit in the UK than in any other country of Europe or in the US.

The personal MBA qualification is highly respected in the UK; thus, British business schools are certainly to enjoy the permanent demand. The great numbers of the brightest foreign students will be attracted by the immigration program. The acknowledgement of the personal MBA in Britain makes it the most acclaimed and eminent postgraduate qualification in the country. British business schools admit more than four thousand overseas MBA students each year.

Governments all over the world recognize the significance of postgraduate education both for the prestige of their educational establishments and as a source of gifted immigrants, introducing the policy of the work permit that encourages international students with an MBA. Hence, the personal MBA is no longer a set of skills, but it is also a permit to a success and a new life.

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