Peculiarities of the Strayer School of Business

It will be a terrible mistake to think that Strayer School of Business is quite the same as many other ones or differs slightly. The school differs òå only by the ways of teaching - most of its pedagogues are practicing specialists of the highest rank. The Strayer School of Business is one of the First ones, which offered to obtain MBA without courses online, without ever setting foot on campus. Because the main audience of this business school is working people over 24.

Strayer School of Business is a widely renown educational establishment, which helps students in focusing their education on advancing their careers. It is one of the oldest Business schools of America, opened over 110 years ago, providing broad and deep knowledge in business and management as well as in side- disciplines like psychology, public relations and informational technology.
Like  many others, Strayer School of Business provides MBA programs and a large variety of trainings and  courses. Strayer MBA acquisition  means obtaining a vigorous, fundamental  education for working professionals from a wide range of backgrounds who wish to advance or enhance his business career. The curriculum  prepares students for the emerging knowledge economy on the basis of the latest concepts, practices, and skills.  It also includes studies in humanities, mathematics, history, government and other courses, providing  a solid foundation for the education.
But it will be a  terrible mistake to think that this is quite the same as many other ones or differs slightly. First of all, Strayer School of  Business is a for- profit non residential  institution. That is why undergraduate and graduate degree programs are available at 25 campuses in Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington, D.C. So that none of campuses of Strayer School of Business have dormitories or other housing and students services.
The fact of Strayer Schol of Business marketing itself as a school for 'adult learners' to generally defined as people  over the age of 24 and employed full-time in addition to their pursuit of collegiate studies. To make it feasibe for them to obtain business education of high rank, the Strayer School of Business offers online programs and courses.  Its flexibility in choosing between synchronous and asynchronous online offerings is the most advantageous item of the Strayer School of Business.   One can complete a degree or just gain business skills and specialized knowledge through a six to twelve- course certificate or diploma. Many of Strayer School of Business degree programs also provide the background to prepare for professional certification in a wide variety of disciplines.
No matter what  type of study - on-campus or online- you prefer, you'll be taught by the best specialists and professionals in their fields. The thing is that Strayer School of Business has a very strong pedagogical staff , practically all members of which at the same time are employed at the fields they teach. That gives the students an opportunity to pick up valuable experience 'from the first hand'.
With a highly practical approach to learning, Strayer school of business provides tools you can immediately apply on the job. Besides, the Strayer School of business graduates are targeted by many international companies. So , you see that this Business school makes its best to help you in reaching your goals.


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