Out of this world experience at Orlando Epcot Center

Experience a wonderful trip at Epcot, Disney's World in Florida. Gather with family and friends to celebrate the fascinating cultures and numerous wonders of the world around you through dazzling shows, interactive experiences and amazing attractions. The ultimate interactive thrill-packed adventure in Epcot is an experience not to miss.
Epcot is the name of the second theme park built at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, USA. Epcot was inspired by Walt Disney's creative vision. It is dedicated to international culture and technological innovation. It opened in 1982, and was originally named EPCOT Center up to 1993. The name Epcot derives from the acronym EPCOT, which stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney. His original vision of EPCOT was for a model community, home to twenty thousand residents, which would be a test bed for city planning and organization. This vision was not realized. Walt Disney wasn't able to obtain funding and permission to start work on his Florida property until he agreed to build the Magic Kingdom first, and he passed away before its opening day.
Orlando Epcot is one of four separate theme parks within the Disney World complex. This park is divided into two areas shaped like a giant figure '8': Future World, with attractions based on modern advances and futuristic projections, and World Showcase, where various world cultures are on display. Both areas are patterned after the kinds of exhibits which were popular at World's Fairs in the first two-thirds of the 20th century. Epcot Center park is as much educational as it is entertaining, with the Disney characters never too far away. However, Epcot Center is generally regarded as more "learning-oriented" than other theme parks. If you are into "thrill rides" Epcot is not the place for you. If you want to enjoy other countries, and a more laid back experience, then this is going to be the best of the Disney parks to go to.  Epcot has only three thrill rides - Test Track, Mission: SPACE, and Soarin, the rest of its attractions are dark rides, shows, or walkthrough exhibits. Future World (the first half of the Epcot's '8') is an interactive technological playground that offers trips around the human body, journeys into space, voyages under the sea and quantum leaps back in time. Ellen's Universe of Energy is a truly moving theatre experience, and Innovations, a hands-on expo of futuristic gadgets and gizmos.
You can explore the world in one day with many showcases like Canada, china, USA, German, Italy, Japan, Etc. The World Showcase is the second half of the '8'. Each of the 11 nations represented has live entertainment. Around the World Showcase Lagoon you can eat, drink, dance and sing your way around the world in the space of a couple of hours. For many guests, the shining star at Epcot Center is the high energy Tapestry of Nations Street Festival. Twice nightly twenty-foot tall puppets sway and dance their way around the entire lagoon to a very infectious beat.
IllumiNations is the grand finale to the evening it's the Reflections of Earth, a stunning combination of lasers, fireworks, fountains and special effects.
Feel the force of lift-off and have an exhilarating, mystical rendezvous on another planet. Marvel at the power of the human imagination to set the spirits soaring!
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