Open learning is an efective way to increase personal success

Most learners and educators welcome the growth of Open learning. Students learn more successfully if they are more independent and more responsible for their own learning, open learning opportunities facilitate this. If you always wanted to achieve new qualifications - but could never find the time to attend classroom sessions, or if you are intimidated by the idea of going back to studying, open learning is exactly what you need.
Open Learning offers you quality, nationally recognized, competency based programs that you can complete in the comfort and privacy of your own home or workplace. Open Learning produces a profound impact on higher education by increasing access to education, enhancing the quality of instruction and providing a model for a new generation of online courses and course materials that teach more effectively and appeal to students more powerfully than anything in existence today. It also adds to online education the crucial elements of instructional design grounded in flexibility and innovative uses of communication and information technologies.
Open is a "feel-good" word.  As with open-minded or open-handed, open learning sounds as if it is going to be welcoming, friendly, accessible and adaptable. Open learning is learning where there is some flexibility, some control in the hands of the learner as to when, where and how to learn, balanced by structure and support from a provider. Open learning includes any provision in which a significant element of the management of the provision is at the discretion of the learner. The term is basically applied to most forms of learning, except for those at the two extremes: traditional classroom learning, as at school, where there is little or no flexibility and self-study and informal learning which implies no externally-imposed structure or support. The term is synonymous with those of online learning, distance learning and distributed learning.
Computers have had their huge role to play in the process of delivering education and training. Using computers has empowered educators and opened new horizons for those pursuing career advancement or job promotion. Technology-based or web-based methods are widely used in open learning, technology being a significant part, if not the whole of the process.
After enrolling into a national open school, you will be able to use clear and easy to study web-based training materials. You will have the opportunity to complete courses of competency via the internet. Most open learning institutions use a range of special technology to help you achieve your learning goals. All the information is stored online and is easy to access whenever needed. It provides the opportunity to complete assessment online and view your own progress of each course or program. The courses are delivered as designed or their content and sequence are modified to fit the needs of the students and your curricular and course goals. These courses are broadly disseminated between the students. A network staff member will always be there to assist, help and answer any questions you might have.
Constant development and the implementation of new forms of open learning are likely to interest international students all around the globe.
The bottom line is that open has proved to be a popular type of learning worldwide. Its flexible delivery provides all the freedom and flexibility you need to reach your goals. Now is the time for you to take the first step, and begin your journey to new qualifications and the satisfaction of achievement.
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