Opel car: from sewing machines to modern car standards.

How old is Opel Company? Would you trust it yourself and your holiday, maybe?Would you like to drive star Opel Astra or do you prefer incredible safety and pleasantly economical Corsa? Here you can find some facts about Opel cars and familiarize yourself with some details of Opel Astra and Opel Corsa models.

Nowadays Opel can be considered as a symbol of uninterrupted development and increase.

One can acquire Opel cars since year 1889, when volume of output made up 11 automobiles per year. In 2002 about 1,6 million passenger and commercial cars  Opel and Vauxhall have been produced on 9 industrial and assembly enterprises, which are situated in six countries of West and Central Europe.

Beyond Europe Opel cars and cars, made following Opel technologies as well, are produced on 13 factories all over the world.  Production of Opel/Vauxhall is diffuses under different trade marks in about 170 countries on five continents. From the moment of foundation of Opel Company, its main purpose was to make achievements of science and engineering widely accessible for all levels of the population. This philosophy remains true up till now. It has being successively realized on all stages of Opel development, beginning from producing sewing machines and bicycles. Today this conception lies in basis of creation of all Opel cars.

Brand Opel occupies sound post on the world market, leaning on four corner stones of making automobiles:
- Multifunctionality  and flexible configuration of salon;
- Power and dynamism;
- Contemporary and inimitable design;
- The newest information-entertaining systems.

Model series of Opel cars is extensive but here you can read some information about Opel Astra and Opel Corsa ones.

Opel Corsa
Comprehensive safety and peace of mind are ensured in Opel Corsa, due to the systems of active and passive safety.  Not only does this excellent car satisfy all requirements of standard of safety, but even exceeds them. Such was the target of constructors, and now Opel Corsa takes a legitimate pride of the highest results in test of safety in its class - four stars of NCAP. Advanced chassis, the booster with coefficient reinforcement, dependent on speed of the automobile, transmission of new generation. The company has given much to Opel Corsa that it could give much to you.

Often one can take Opel Corsa for a much bigger model. The explanation is hidden in black wheel arches, elegant "folds" at the both sides of body, enlarged overall width and length, nice diversity of equipment and spacious salon (with sufficient height of ceiling and width on the level of passenger's shoulders ).
Components, which do not demand maintenance in process of exploitation of a car. More protracted intervals of maintenance. Low insurance tariffs. Opel Corsa gives the completely new meaning to the idea of "reduction of operating costs".

Opel Astra
Appearance of 5-doors body of new Astra is the magical symbiosis of expression and avant-gardism. It has been devised(worked out, elaborated) in innovational corporative style Adam Opel AG. Firstly, the system of Adaptive Forward Lighting is included in equipment of automobile of class C: direction of ray of headlights is regulated automatically depending on an angle of turning of steering wheel and on speed of the car.

Whether you drive in a city or have a long journey comfort and spacious salon of new Astra will give you maximal conveniences. Back seat can be folded up in proportion 60:40.  

Full-sized lateral  and frontal cushions of safety, pedal unit PRS, coming unfastened at frontal collision, are reliable guardians of your safety.

The range of engines of new Astra is represented by high-technological petrol motors ECOTEC/ TWINPORT with 4cylinders and 16 valves: 1.4(90h.p.), 1.6(105h.p.), and 1.8(125h.p). They meet the most hard and prospective eco-standards of EU. Its trait is high fuel profitability.  Gear-boxes are mechanical 5-stepped gear-box, automatic 4-stepped one and mechanical Easytronic with automatic control. There is the wide-frame display at the central console. Radio wave, microclimate, tire pressure...- you are welcome to explore the new Astra.

Opel deserves its stainless reputation, quality and design, contemporaneity and safety are its concomitants. And they can be yours as well.

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