One who had a chance to travel to Genoa had a chance to breathe in the history...

Genoa (Genova in the Italian language), the capital of Liguria province, is one of the most beautiful and interesting Italian resorts. It is an outstanding historical treasure, where every wall in the Old City seems to have witnessed mysteries, tragedies and intrigues of the past. Museums and theatres, antiquities' shops, the luxurious marble palazzos and cathedrals covered with frescos painted with the hands of the Renaissance legendary artists, the famous Genuese cemetery... Besides, Genoa is the city of very nice beaches, comfortable and beautiful hotels, delicious cuisine. It is really worth visiting!

Ah dolce Italia! Hot and passionate, beautiful and promising, Italy is one of the countries most popular among the tourists from all over the world. A charming feature of Italy is its outstanding diversity. One can always choose a place that responds to his personal taste, sightseeings and occupations that he or she will enjoy most.

If you are interested in history, you can find much of that in every province of Italy. But if you are most interested in history, you should travel to Genoa and to nowhere else!

Genoa (Genova in Italian) is the capital of Liguria province, the economical and cultural centre of the region. Thanks to a very favourable geographical position, Genoa used to be one the main medieval European trading ports. And, thanks to the fact that the archbishop's residence was situated here, Genoa was the heart of Ligurian cultural life. The University founded in the year 1471; The Opera, The Academy of Arts, theatres and museums... Civico Museo Navale, Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Galleria di Palazzo Spinola, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Rosso... Genoa offers a wide variety of ancient sightseeings, all of outstanding architectural and historical value. A place of great interest in Genoa is The Old City, the centre of Genoa, where every building is worth your attention and admiration.

If you ever travel to Genoa, forget the idea of watching the city through the bus windows. A bad idea, indeed! The magnificent atmosphere of the past centuries must be felt, touched with your own hands, breathed in with your own lungs. Roam the famous Genuese cemetery, stare at the Christopher Columbus monument - the most famous Genoa resident was buried here. See the luxurious marble palazzos and cathedrals covered with frescos painted with the hands of the Renaissance legendary artists. Sit down for a rest in the shadow of beautiful gardens and enjoy the sights of the Ligurian Sea.

Genoa is a city of narrow, tangled streets, where every wall seems to have witnessed mysteries, tragedies and intrigues of the past. In The Old City, the multinational crowds on these streets remind about the times when Genoa was a great trading port, the "melting pot" of languages and nations. When you travel to Genoa, do not forget to visit Via del Pre known as "The Sausage". This long stone labyrinth contains a mass of small shops where the most exotic goods can be found...

Of course, Genoa is not only history. It is a nice place to rest where you can enjoy the perfect climate, the delicious Italian cuisine, the beaches of highest quality and comfort.  In Liguria, 24 cities were awarded Blue Banners, a symbol of beach and sea cleanness and good conditions for tourists.  Genoa resorts and hotels are numerous, and all of them are really good.

Tourist guides will recommend you certain hotels to stay in while making acquaintance with Genoa.  Thus, COLUMBUS SEA HOTEL is a First Class inn situated at Via Milano (Milano st.) It is a friendly and comfortable hotel with qualified, hospitable staff and beautiful port view. One good feature of this hotel is the Restaurant that serves both local (Ligurian) and national Italian dishes of very high quality.  At Via Arsenale di Terra, SAVOIA CONTINENTAL HOTEL is located. It is more moderate, yet it also has certain advantages. The street is right in the historical centre, near the the Italian Riviera.  The building and the rooms are very beautiful, decorated and furnished in old-fashioned style, with real marble on the walls and wooden parquet flooring.

But, really, no matter where you stay during your travel to Genoa - the main thing is just to see it. And once you see it - you will love it!


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