Oktoberfest beers: the most famous Bavarian holiday in Munich

Germany is a very nice country. It has rich history and its process of development never stops. The culture and art of this area are wonderful, and you only need to see them with your own eyes to fall in love with this country forever. Germany is well-known with its 2 main cities - Berlin and Munich, but it does not mean that the rest don't deserve your attention. All German cities and towns are very nice and attractive, and it won't be a mistake to visit Germany on your vacations. But if you want to have really wonderful holidays choose city breaks in Munich. They will always stay in your memory with nice gardens, parks and great architecture.

Munich is famous for its beautiful parks and landscapes.  One of the most famous parks is Westpark, where romantic couples walk along the path, flowers on both sides, near the lake and between nice trees.  In summer films in the air near the lake are very popular among tourists and locals.
Besides, Munich is popular with the Oktoberfest, which takes place on September annually.  Why in September?  The history of this holiday is ancient. The story goes back to the distant past of 1810, when Bavarian King Max Joseph gave a luxurious wedding for Crown Prince Ludwig and the Princess Therese Von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.  That was a really great event.  Since that time this affair has become celebrated each year.  In the time of the 19th century horse races were held during this event, and in our days this tradition is also kept.  The story of horse races is also very interesting, because in the 18th century they disappeared.  Nobody knows why it was so.  Nevertheless, these attractive competitions didn't exist for rather a long time.  But once Franz Baumgartner, corporal of the national garde and horse lover, offered to the King to see horse races.  King Max Joseph was amazed, and the races became an adornment of following Oktoberfest.

People from all over the world come to this annual 16-days affair for the good mood and Oktoberfest beers.  Every person in Germany and in the whole the world knows that Bavarian beers are the finest and tastiest in the world.  That is why Oktoberfest beers are so popular.  This holiday takes place in September nowadays, because the climate has changed since the 19th century and October can meet the participant of the holiday with rather a cold wind and even heavy snow.  The scales of the Oktoberfest are enormous: from year to year the number of guests is growing and now the fest attracts over 7 000 people.

Oktoberfest is often called 'Oktoberfest beers' because of a great number of beer's tents all around the city.  This holiday is well-known as a family holiday and each person to have visited this event at least once can confirm this.  You'll find new friends and meet your old acquaintances there.  You do not really need to know each person on the holiday to feel happy and merry, new contacts are very fast in Munich and all members of such great affair as Oktoberfest feel as one big and friendly family.  With bands invited to this festival a lot of people sing, laugh and dance with a great pleasure.  All of this reminds a wonderful carnival.  The tradition of such great holidays goes from old traditions of the Bavarian folk and even if some of them have been removed others are very strong and go from generation to generation.

The usual beer's tent at the holiday closes at 11 p.m, but there are some places in the city, which may stay open until 4 a.m. and, of course, beer is not a single thing to delight during the main Munich festival.  The food is also a very important part.  The regional food is very popular among tourists, because you will never find such delicious dishes in your country.  The favourite foods are hendels and pretzels, bratwurst and sauerkraut, and mandefin.  And, of course, sausages, which are almost a symbol of Munich together with perfect beer. So, these vacations and city breaks in Munich will be like a good old film for you - all people are united in one big fellowship, and they sing the songs just because they feel great. This mood will fill all your heart and you will want to share these feelings with your family and all your friends.  Oktoberfest beers is a thing and event, which you will remember in your future with a happy smile on your face.

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