Nova Scotia Tourism Strategy

When we start planning a trip to travel somewhere first we must decide what place best suits our tastes and our budget. Too often, however, we find that many of the places that are advertised the most don't always live up to expectations. Generally speaking it is not the case that the stronger the advertising the better the trip. There are always exceptions, however, and Nova Scotia tourism is one of the execptions to this rule.

Nova Scotia tourism provides opportunities to soak in the stunning sights of Cabot Trail, Peggy's Cove, the world's highest tides of the Bay of Fundy and  a lot of water activities.  A big  measure of cultural diversity, rich traditions and lifestyles make Nova Scotia tourism opportunities  tremendously interesting and tempting.

Nova Scotia is a 350-mile (560km) long peninsula on the east of Canada, connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus.  Its rugged and jagged coastline makes it a watery wonderland famous for its seafood (the province is the world's largest exporter of lobster), scenic routes, wilderness trails, Nova Scotia campgrounds and dolphin and whale-watching opportunities. In fact, the three main directions of Nova Scotia tourism include outdoor activities, cultural and historic places of interest and  naturally, rich gourmet traditions.

The Nova Scotia Tourism Industry is made up of more than 6500 direct businesses supporting almost 40,000 jobs.  In addition there are the suppliers to the industry, providing products to feed, house and entertain Nova Scotia's travelers contribute to payroll and business taxes.  Join us in building the success of a vital industry for the future.

Nowadays, the Nova Scotia tourism Chamber is concerned with a new marketing campaign.  The 2006  Nova Scotia tourism marketing campaign will promote  the region to visitors in the key markets of Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the United States and Europe, as well as new markets in Western Canada, China and Japan. Based on serious research, the campaign focus on making it easier for visitors to book a Nova Scotia vacation.

In this year, the Nova Scotia Tourism Chamber plans to be seen and heard at a range of travel shows for consumers in all key markets including: Calgary Outdoor Adventure show, Montreal,  Toronto Summer Celebration show and in many others. These shows are focused on tour operators with extensive client bases including cruise lines and motorcoach operators.

The Nova Scotia Tourism Chamber finds it important to be represented at a wide range of travel trade shows and expositions in Europe and North America. Nova Scotia tourism literature also keeps pace with growing technology  and  this year for the first time, the province will produce and distribute the "Doers and Dreamers Travel Guide" on CD Rom.

Tourism Division functions include planning and development, marketing and operations. Staff conduct, analyze and disseminate research and statistics. In addition we provide tourism development and planning support, including financial assistance and guidance to communities; planning and secretarial support to the Peggy's Cove Commission; assistance in developing the market readiness of Nova Scotia's most competitive tourism products, destinations and attractions; development and distribution of "How To" tourism development publications designed to assist entrepreneurs and tourism operators; and tourism policy, including developing and supporting government policy that assists in the growth and competitiveness of Nova Scotia's tourism sector. On the marketing side, the goal is to market Nova Scotia as a tourist destination for the purpose of generating export revenues.

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