Not Everyone Can Afford Spa Vacations, But?

Spa Vacations! Imagine luxury vacations, discount prices, spa resorts, top spas with treatments to soothe body and soul. Vacations that will enhance health and beauty.

Spa Vacations! Imagine luxury vacations, discount prices, spa resorts, top spas with treatments to soothe body and soul. Vacations that will enhance health and beauty. There are so many spa destinations and spa offers, - for the rich and famous, special spas for a weight-loss vacation, a couples vacations for honeymoon or an anniversary treat, luxury spas, spa menus, exercise and wellness packages.


Spa treatments are so plentiful and definitions are sometimes daunting. We hope to take the mystique from spa treatments. Most people when asked about spa treatments will respond with the standard treatments - massages, facials, nails, and hair treatments. These are accepted as a necessary part of life by most women. However, those classic treatments barely scrape the surface of what is available today. Some of the more standard treatments found in spas are bodywraps and mitts and booties...but the list goes on. The Eastern/Asian and Native American influence on spa treatments is very strong. Consequently the actual design of the spa may be influenced as well as products and services. Don't be overwhelmed by the myriad types of treatments, just try to find one or two spa treatments that really appeal to you and then choose your spa accordingly.


Take care after your body! Your health is your most important commodity. Many spa vacations are available. The type of spa you choose depends on what you are looking to gain out of your spa experience. Decide which type spas fits you or your situation best. And start finding a good place offering the most suitable for you spa program. What your options could be:

Acupressure: massage that releases tension and improves the flow of energy throughout the body by applying pressure to the various meridians in the body.

Acupuncture: An ancient healing technique practiced by the Chinese for three thousand years. The belief is that if balance is achieved, the body will heal itself. I find acupuncture to be quite painless, even when needles surround the eye. I used acupuncture treatment after a bout with Bell's Palsy and the neurological symptoms disappeared within 3 weeks.

Aromatherapy:  Using natural and essential oils from plants and flowers to help relax and refresh your mind. Induces a sense of well-being

Detoxification: The process of cleansing the liver. Believed to be helpful in ridding the body of elemental metals and toxins of all kinds.

Herbal Body Wrap: Your body is wrapped in a warm cloth soaked in an herbal solution to eliminate impurities, detoxify the body, and induce relaxation. I like my arms left out!

Hydrotherapy: A traditional therapy which includes underwater jet massages, showers, jets and mineral baths.

Lymph drainage: It is considered by many as an anti-aging treatment. Lymph drainage may be performed with manual massage, hydromassage or aromatherapy massage.

Paraffin Mud Treatment: Mud mixed in paraffin used to relieve rheumatic and arthritic pains.

Paraffin Wrap: A process of removing dead skin cells with hot oil and Japanese dry brushing techniques. Then an emollient wax is applied to the entire body for an intense hydrating treatment.

Reflexology: Feet do your stuff and they'll be able to after a special ancient Chinese technique in which specific pressure points are massaged in order to re-establish the flow of energy throughout the body. This ancient Oriental treatment relieves stress and releases energy and pressure throughout your entire body.

And the list is not complete! Salt glow, sauna, scotch hose massage, steam room, Swedish massage, Swiss shower, thalassotherapy, waxing, whirlpool, and so on!

The last question - Don`t you deserve Spa vacations?

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