Normandy tours: splendor of historic places

It is rather hard to find a field of culture, in which France would not occupy one of the leading places among the other countries of the world. Fashion and perfumes, architecture and painting, culinary and wine making - this country is a declared leader in these aspects of culture. And if you have a chance to visit France at least once in your lifetime you should necessarily do it. In the very this part of the world you will feel yourself as close to the world cultural heritage as possible.

France consists of several regions, each having its own temper, own traditions and, of course, own tourists - the people who appreciate the very those sights and attractions the province has to offer.  People fond of nature, history and romance visit the Loire Valley; if you need an extreme mountain rest you are welcome to visit the Three Valleys; and if you wish to make a real holiday to your stomach go to Normandy, a true paradise for food admirers.

But the province is famous not only for its meals, which are, indeed, wonderful and which eating is a kind of an everyday ritual, honorable and solemnly observed.  Architecture is another thing, which attracts tourists to this land.  The influences of different cultures and styles are combined in the buildings, and the sight is really amazing.  Some cities, for example Le Havre, are even included to the Unesco's World Heritage Lists.

There exist different ways to discover the province of Normandy, but the real admirers of its attractions say you will never discover it properly by car.  In this case, the most reasonable and obvious decision (if you really want to explore this land, of course) is to make a tour, which choice and quality astonish the fancy.  Such Normandy tours will give you the opportunity to find an absolutely new Normandy even if you have visited it several times before.  You will get new emotions, bright impressions and long-lasted memories.

One of the rather popular Normandy tours is 'Chateaux, parks and gardens'.  As any region of the country, Normandy is full of historical buildings, which bring you back to the ages of brave knights and noble ladies, palace intrigues and plots.  The spirit of ages fills your soul when you go across the long corridors of old castles and the air inside enlivens the romance of those times.  As for parks and gardens, they all bring the seal of majesty due to the people who grew them first.  And nowadays you can see them being the same as they were several centuries ago.  The impressions are unforgettable.

Normandy tours, which will lead you to the main cathedrals of the area and show you all their beauty and majesty, are no less attractive.  You will hear different stories about the life of these churches and about the people related to them.  The stories are sometimes sad, sometimes miraculous and merry, but definitely never dull.  Normandy tours are always very interesting, but some of them can be really exalting.  For example, you may follow the steps of William the Conqueror or impressionists, whose rather big number worked or lived on this territory.  If short of time you may choose such a wonderful proposal as week-end trips.  You will have to spend only one or two nights in hotels in Normandy, but during this time you will have a perfect opportunity to find much new about the region, its history and culture.

Normandy tours are so various that any liking will be satisfied, any preferences, wishes, budget and time limits taken for consideration.  The province is doing its best to attract tourists, because it is not necessary at all to hold them on arriving.  This land charms at first glance.  You will necessarily feel it too.  Just free your feelings and emotions, and you will see the astonishing beauty of France.

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