Negril beaches- Natural Beauty And Unique

Sandals Negril is the ultimate beach resort, and is the seventh heaven for lovers who prefer being as close to the sea as they are to each other.

Jamaica's most celebrated beach resort is tucked amongst majestic palm groves and lush tropical gardens on an endless white-sand beach. Embodying the uninhibited spirit that made this side of the island so alluring, this legendary hideaway commands the longest and best strecth of Negril's famous seven-mile beach. Sandals Negril is the ultimate beach resort, and is seventh heaven for lovers who love being as close to the sea as they are to each other.


Imagine the breathtaking natural beauty and unique, laid-back spirit of Negril mingled seamlessly with the Caribbean luxury and attention to detail that has made the name Sandals synonymous with a whole new level of all-inclusive opulence and service-envision all of that and you'll only just begin to get a small idea of the perfection that is Sandals Negril. This magical place has been designed to mirror the glorious surroundings without disturbing even one palm frond, allowing you to truly experience the wonders of unspoiled beach and lush gardens as only Adam and Eve could have.

On an endless stretch of powdery sand, you'll feel what being "marooned" on the perfect beach is like. One that offers every pleasure under the Caribbean just for you. When your mood is laid-back, sway in a hammock beneath the shade of a coconut palm. When it's time to liven things up, swim up to the bar in the new main pool where the conversations run as smooth as Rum Runners. If diving is your dream, Negril boasts some of the islands' best. At Jamaica's ultimate beach resort, everything is far from the ordinary, yet close at hand.

Hugging the longest and best span of Negril's stunning 7-mile beach, Negril provides endless vistas of pristine shore and phenomenally clear turquoise waters. No matter where you are on the property, you are never more than a few steps from the Caribbean Sea. True beachfront rooms open out directly onto alabaster sand and swaying coconut trees. One-of-a-kind loft suites enfold you in a particularly gorgeous sanctuary-complete with spiral staircases and super-deluxe decor. And, to make everything even better, each and every part of this paradise on earth has recently been renovated and upgraded to a level well beyond supreme.

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