Multi location programs: be the owner of the whole world

Our world is a real treasury of historical monuments and masterpieces of culture of various nations and civilizations. It is hardly possible to give the exact number of places of interest. You may go to a new place every year ? and you won't see all that is worth seeing on our planet. And, besides, not every family can venture annual vacations in different countries of the world. But with the system of timesharing the spiritual wealth of different people becomes closer to us giving a beautiful chance to get acquainted with a variety of epochs and have really unforgettable holidays.

Timesharing systems offer people an unusual type of vacationing.  You may buy a real house somewhere on a grand resort and then annually have a rest there.  You may also change it to another place of destination if you need some new impressions.  The key advantage of the system is its flexibility: owning one accommodation you can go to different parts of the world with its help.

Timesharing means a purchase of a definite unit for a definite period of a year.  There exist several time-share programs, for example, fixed and floating weeks.  If you have a fixed week you may use your accommodation during a certain week of a year, and in case you change it to another place your week and unit type will be the same.  If your timesharing has a floating-week base you are confined not to a week, but a certain season.  The advantage of this system is freedom in choice of the time of your rest.  But the problem is that you are to plan your vacations beforehand and to order the necessary weeks at the beginning of the year if you really want a special week to be yours.

Most timeshare companies nowadays offer their clients the so-called 'multi location timeshares'.  This type of vacation property ownership is really very popular: who want to spend all the holidays at the same place with the same window-views and the same sights in the nearest town?  Of course, the majority want to travel worldwide and get new experience and wonderful impressions.  In this case, multi location programs are very suitable.

If you own a timeshare week somewhere you may easily convert it into multi location ownership.  All you need is to inform your exchange company about your wish to have a rest somewhere else.  Then your week will be placed into a special bank (or pool) of timeshares.  Other members of the system will receive access to your timeshare, and you will get a perfect chance to use any accommodation you want.  Of course, your unit type will be the same and you won't be able to spend a summer week on the Caribbean if you own a March week in Italy; but, nevertheless, each company always has a lot of attractive offers to suit every client.  You do not run the risk to be disappointed and upset.

Besides, you can try to find a family, which will have a rest at your timeshare, with no timeshares pool.  It is more difficult, but in this case you won't pay any additional fees and charges for the exchange.  Anyway, there are a lot of ways to get what you want from your timeshare.  It is a very comfortable system for those, who do not want to stay in the city during their vacations and are always in search of a good rest.


Various multi location programs may become your best investment and will rejoice you during long years of your vacationing.  You are to pay just once and then only deposit some fees to become a timeshare owner.  But when a member of timeshare system, the entire globe is open before you, and hardly are there any forbidden places or inaccessible zones.  So, enjoy the world's most interesting destinations and have wonderful memories with timeshare companies and programs.

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