Moscow Sightseeing is A Perfect Choice for Your Weekend

Regarded as one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the world, Moscow has remained a popular travel destination for adventurous students. Its best attractions include the Bolshoi Theatre, Red Square, the Church of the Ascension at Kolemenskoye, Ostankino Palace, Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, and others. It should be mentioned that Moscow poses many difficulties to foreign tourists because of its complicated registration system.

Currently, Moscow ranks as the second in the world after Tokyo for the cost of living. Therefore, it is seen as the most expensive city in Europe to live. Despite the fact that the prices are higher for the tourists than the locals, Moscow continues to attract visitors from all over the world. Many excursions in Moscow aim at introducing foreign tourists to the rich Russian culture. The most visible subject of Moscow sightseeing is the Kremlin, which is a symbol of the country and serves as the seat of the national government. It is a historical complex that houses the Kremlin cathedrals, the Kremlin Wall with towers, and the Kremlin Palaces. The Kremlin is surrounded by three cathedrals, one of which is the Cathedral of the Dormition, which is another popular subject of Moscow sightseeing. It was completed in 1479 and is now recognized as the main church in Moscow where all of the Tsars were crowned. The Cathedral of the Annunciation was built in 1489, and the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael was completed in 1508. In addition, there are two churches of the Patriarchs and Metropolitans of Moscow, the Savoir Cathedral, the Cathedral of the 12 Apostles, the Chudov Monastery, and the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael.

Another huge place of Moscow sightseeing is  the Bolshoi Theatre that offers performances of ballet, opera, and plays. The company was established in 1776 and it game performances in private homes. With the acquisition of the Petrovsky Theatre four years later, the Bolshoi Theatre started producing operas and plays. The theatre was built by architect Joseph Bove; he also designed and constructed the Maly Theatre. At the beginning, there was only Russian works performed, but the theatre started to include foreign composers to its repertoire in 1840. Throughout its history, the Bolshoi has been the place of many premieres such as Rachmaninoff's Francesca da Rimini and Aleko and Tchaikovsky's Mazeppa. From the very beginning, the theatre has been associated with ballet, housing the Bolshoi Theatre troupe.

Situated several kilometers to the south-east of Moscow, Kolomenskoye has been a royal estate for a long time that became part of the city in the 1960's. The village developed in time into the favorite country estate of the country's grand princes.

Ostankino Tower is maybe the most visited place of Moscow sightseeing. It was constructed in 1967 and it is recognized as the highest structure in Eurasia. Ostankino tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers. The building of the tower began in 1963 and lasted until 1967. It was the largest structure in world until the CN Tower was constructed in Toronto Canada. Because of the serious damage, the Tower was rebuilt and opened again in 2004.

The Seven Sisters is the name of seven Stalinist skyscrapers, built during the time of Stalin's rule. They are comprised of the Hotel Ukraine, Hotel Leningrad, the Ministry of Heavy Industry, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the main building of Moscow State University. It also has an apartment building on Kudrinskaya Square, and the building on Kotelnicheskaya Naberezhnaya.

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